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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

RAF airfields clear - BAA in chaos

I've just been reminded that the nation's air defence hasn't stopped because of a little snow; it seems that RAF runways, taxiways, aprons and shelters across the country have somehow miraculously been kept clear of snow. Actually, it's nothing miraculous. Unlike BAA, they've just invested in the necessary equipment, none of it high-tech. Perhaps if the tossers at BAA spent less time wondering how to shoehorn more retail outlets into the departure terminals and more time on moving aircraft efficiently, the UK wouldn't be the world's laughing stock.



Anonymous said...


And I have travelled through Chicago O'Hare during the Winter on more times than enough. And the problems with snow and 20 below? None. The BAA company song should be "We're shit and we know we are, we're shit and we know we are"...etc etc.

Coney Island

Safety in Anonymity said...

Well I'm not around there any more ... but the last time I went out of LHR it seemed to have been taken over by the people who used to live in the tunnels. Or so we believed they did, in days of yore. So it was like a run down souk, or something.

Anyway - it's no longer like a British place, run in a British way.

On the way in, of course, they welcome one to euroland and make us go through a euro immigration channel. Then you have look at that vile blue and yellow rag while you line up...

To say nothing of the insults perpetrated as you go through security.

Oh no. Travelling through LHR, LGW, or even MAN is the pits, at any time of year. I never want to go near any of them again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah- when you go through those hellholes it's almost as if they want to screw you everyway they can before you escape. I can imagine the thousands of smiling and happy people on those planes as they leave.- Terrible PR for the UK- Abysmal.

hatfield girl said...

It's always the case that Pisa airport is open. Fog, snow, under attacks various, Pisa works. It's a military airport, of course.

Guthrum said...

Exactly ! remember the pigs ear the Ministry of Death (MAFF/DEFRA) made of the foot and mouth outbreak, only sorted when the army took over.

anon anon said...

Unfortunately, the euSSR's getting its paws on the armed forces -- so even they won't be able to help in future!