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Monday, 6 December 2010

Two nations divided ....

Oh dear. Not since the tourist advice that yodelling is encouraged in the whispering gallery of St Paul's can the poor septics have been misinformed as much as by Vanity Fair editor Gradon Carter's January letter. Reporting on the popularity of Downton Abbey, Carter writes;
The series, by the way, is so popular that it has sparked a sudden demand for top hats in London. Marks & Spencer can barely keep them in supply. Fashion columns point out that young men are wearing them with velvet jackets and jeans, a look that—if you’ve been around long enough—has come and gone a number of times over the past few decades. Waistcoats, another throwback to the Edwardian male costume, are also becoming the rage, according to the Financial Times.
So if in the West End in the next week or so you spot a chap in an Eton pop wes'cut, velvet smoking jacket and silk topper with boot-cut Levis, he'll probably be a rather gullible American reader of VF rather than insane. Or British. 


lilith said...

something like this?

Anonymous said...

Quite...........and.... wonderful.


Well, I am not alone.

Do yah need a deckhand and Forrester afionado?? ( + Lord Nelson [the Greatest Englishman who ever lived] - he was a bit of a lad!).
North Sean wherries, hard work and good life, backbreaking, honest..............satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Damn I'm fashionable again!
Of course I never throw anything away. You know when you do it will come back into fashion and be oh so de la mode.
A gentleman should wear a waistcoat, with a decent pocket watch of course.