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Friday, 17 December 2010

What the hell do we do with them?

A colleague of mine is working on a job in a part of London in which the planning deal has required her to recruit staff from an agency tasked with finding work for, frankly, the unemployable. After a day this week interviewing, she despairs. Her pen-portraits described;
- A Scotsman in his 40s, physically fit, who has just come off long-term disability benefit. Huge anger and attitude problems, can't take instructions and resents authority. Suspect most is down to his functional illiteracy - he can't read or write, use a computer. Suspect drink problem. 
- Single mother of three, youngest now 6. Never partnered. Physically fit but obese. Borderline sub-normal. On benefits since 16. has never worked. Crude, racist attitude - probable BNP voter. No social skill. Reads and writes with difficulty but plays 'computer games' at home. 
- Skunk-head, eyes red and bloodshot and stinking of weed. Late 20s, physically fit but uncertain of date, time or place. Deeply resentful of any 'interference' to his life - can only take instruction from people he 'respects'. 
The list goes on. We can't employ these people - they're a liability and a risk, and there's absolutely no place in Construction for them. These aren't immigrants - two thirds or more of them were white British, the beneficiaries of a generous Welfare system, free education, cradle to grave health care. What the hell do we do with them? 


Blue Eyes said...

I know it sounds illiberal, but how about some compulsory education/training as the price of the welfare payments? Get them to turn up on time each morning to learn to read, write and communicate.

pjt said...

Blue Eyes must be a stinking neo-liberal reactionary, because what (s)he says makes absolute sense.

Anonymous said...

Beat them with sticks until they act right.

Elby the Beserk said...

William Beveridge, Liberal, Christian and one of the fathers of the Welfare State proposed "retraining camps" for what he described as "malingerers".

Imagine the outcry if that was suggested now. I suspect that nothing less would work. Start at least with hostels for single mums, with wardens and a regime of some sorts, rather than the automatic social housing this status now gets you.

My ex worked in Job Centres in the sink estates of Bristol - Southmead and Lawrence Weston, for some many years. By the time she left (fed up with being threatened), and got a back office job, she noted that there were now families with three generations entirely dependent on welfare, not interested in work, and more to the point - incapable of work even if they got it. The idea that one had to be in the same place at the same time, at a place other than the betting shop or the pub, did not compute.


BashTheMsm said...

simply, there is no solution.
we must wait till they get estinct, and in the meanwhile pay for them.
someone with balls however would just totally eliminate welfare. they would either sink ot start swimming.

frankly, compulsory education/training sounds like another welfare plan. would cost a fortune and achieve nothing. how can you FORCE anyone to learn or listen? they would just sit there, and someone would have to foot the bill.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the Daleks...


Coney Island

Budgie said...

Yes, this is a problem I have seen some of this sort. But there is another side.

I know a young man who has a science degree related to his job. He performs analyses using complex scientific instruments, writing reports for customers with whom he is in regular contact. Whilst doing that he has also acted as office organiser, setting access to the facilities for others. He is a computer whiz. He now has 3 years work experience since graduation. He doesn't smoke, rarely drinks, plays a regular competitive sport, and is a good timekeeper being flexible about extra work as required.

For this he gets the princely sum of £20k. Never mind about him being angry, I am angry. Do you really think that this young man will have a good opinion of employers?

Ed P said...

Render them, not unto Caesar, but to biodiesel

Don Cox said...

If you take away their welfare, you will have streets full of beggars and muggers.

Part of the problem is that modern technology has removed the need for farm labourers, trench diggers, and domestic servants. The great promise of modern technology was that it would reduce the need for dreary work and increase leisure time. These benefits have gone to the people you describe.

JuliaM said...

The age is wrong, but apart from that, number one sounds like Gordon Brown!

Anonymous said...

To some extent this is a result of treating the white population as the enemy and making them wait in a queue behind all the oh so worthy ' immigrants'.
What is the profit of worthy endeavour in the UK?

Safety in Anonymity said...

What Budgie and anonymous said.

While the ineducable and irreconcileable are certainly out there --There is another side; and there might be very good reasons for their "addatood."

There ought to be some way to check out the stories of those who 'can't take instruction' or, indeed, who refuse to take orders from people they can't respect. Maybe it has something to do with strength of character that's lacking in their ex-employers: they just might be victims of people who are spreading disinformation about them. We actually live in a very nasty, very slander-oriented society. Then if you add in the new PC code, and apply it to people who have the wrong-coloured eyes...

You know? Occasionally one of these applicants may have refused to do something illegal or immoral. Some employers can't afford to let those kinds of stories get out about themselves. Some employers will also try to stop ex-employees ever from working again: just because...

thefatlady said...

Appoint them as liaison with Planning, then send them along to liaise.

English Pensioner said...

My daughter visited a young offenders institute as part of her Master's studies in Social Science. When she came home she said that she'd no idea what to put in her dissertation as if she had her way, most of them would be put up against a wall and shot!

Safety in Anonymity said...

Yeh - but I've read a few of those dissertations. They fill those social scientists full of 'franco-german filosofy.' And, as the PPEs are proving, that's not in favour of the British.

What was that they used to say? A nation that doesn't care about its own is doomed?

Now I'm not saying that we don't have bad 'uns; but I'm also not saying some of it is preventable.

Of course, if you just want a culture full of people who know they have no right to think ... or who think that franco-german claptrap is thought ... then go ahead and shoot your own people.

Safety in Anonymity said...

Sorry for the error ... what I meant to say above was: "not saying that some of it isn't preventable."

I'm fascinated as to the way in which the approach here differs from that of Dickens, or of any Victorian Christians who worked to help the poor, the deprived, the exploited, and the underprivileged. Funny that, in our glorious, and improved, communist society.

Thing is, the more the euSSR and the mozzies take hold, the worse it's getting for more and more of us. So right ... as I suggested above, what else should we do but shoot each other!?!

Nick Drew said...

the problem with most obvious 'sink-or-swim' solutions (which is clearly the only long-term answer - it will be forced upon us anyhow when we can no longer afford the benefit bills) is that these people don't hesitate to use children as human shields: deprive me of my benefit & the kid starves

as such, the 21st century lumpen proletariat ain't likely to become extinct (Bash@11:57) any time soon ...

Anonymous said...

Safety in Anonymity said... wrote: Thing is, the more the euSSR and the mozzies take hold, the worse it's getting for more and more of us. So right ... as I suggested above, what else should we do but shoot each other!?!

It may not come to that, as there is a major war in the offing.

The present economic and social condition is not "sustainable"- to use a fashionable word.

Anonymous said...

Went to take a statement from a 14 y/o male (Yup, Police (now retired, you guessed)with his mother present as the appropriate adult.
Spoke with youth for a few minutes, thought that all of his bats had not yet come home to roost.
Was a serious case, youth was good witness. Asked for psychological investigation.
Youth was "quite normal" except that his working SPOKEN vocabulary was about 2,500 to 3,500 words only. The kid could not even communicate verbally!

Safety in Anonymity said...

Anonymous @23:17 said - The kid could not even communicate verbally!

's Dumbification, 'innit?
Furthermore, if he can't speak to anyone - in this our own and ancient language - how can he understand what we say to him?

So that's us 'Dumbified' too, 'innit?

And, that, Horatio, is exactly what Paolo Freire tells us about Cultural Invasion by commies. They Shut Down Dialogue, so that their intermediaries can control us in the interests of the Invading Power. Sound familiar?

I think we no longer need to ask why, how, when, and who brought this about. Rather, shouldn't we look at how to combat it?

Apart from WAR asap... that is :))
But we have to be careful - that's also part of their plan, and then they can pick up the pieces and re-mould them closer to their hearts' desires. Bezmenev (?sp) told us that's what the KGB taught its operatives in the '80s. Once Destabilization leads to Crisis in the form of Civil War, or whatever --- then they can invade and impose order. That step is called "Normalization."

He said the only answer lies in the Power of our Spirits, and in Moral Superiority.

Er ... British culture, anyone?