Saturday, 8 January 2011

About right

The eighteen month sentence imposed on convicted Fraudster David Chaytor is just about right. As he wakes this morning (if he got any sleep at all) in the suicide-watch cell he is undoubtedly being kept in for the time being, he will be undergoing an experience familiar to Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken, the lesson that nemesis always follows hubris. 

As I breakfast this morning on bread fresh-baked in my own oven, Normandy butter, rich coffee, real cheese and charcuterie, with the cats stretched out in feline bliss, and in the knowledge that I can do whatever I want today and go wherever I want to go, it's a compelling reminder that although honesty may not always appear as rewarding as the alternative, it's worth a lakh of rubies in reality. 


Anonymous said...

Why only a lakh, and not a crore?

Don Cox said...

"nemesis always follows hubris. "

Unfortunately it doesn't. Lots of greedy, arrogant crooks get away with it, and appalling things often happen to good people.

Woodsy42 said...

An aside:
We always return from trips to France weighted down with as much Normandy butter, french coffee, and french bread flour as we can sensibly store and keep.
I'm just breakfasting on bread, made with french flour (in the breadmaker) and french coffee, not quite the same but far superior to the UK supermarket! Sadly we have used the last of the Normandy butter.
A most exceptional traditional flour is available from the small water driven mill on the river in Vimoutiers should you venture that way and haven't yet found it.
One hopes that Mr Chaytor will not be enjoying such luxuries for a few months.