Saturday, 22 January 2011

Another incompetent corrupt bastard quits

After selling the Irish economy to the international banks and the EU, Cowen is copping out, no doubt considerably enriched already by his time at the helm. His golfing buddies from the banking world will surely waste no time in finding a suitable series of non-executive directorships for this corrupt and bent bastard. His party is thankfully just about dead and is unlikely to survive the next election, his nation is screwed and Ireland's prospects for recovery are dim. But Brian has done well, and that's all that counts these days, of course. 

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Budgie said...

"Cowen is ... this corrupt and bent bastard." Too right, and rather like Brown.

Powerful and rich, these people seem to think they are owed the largess they appropriate. And they then expect us to pick up the tab when their incompetence produces their failures.