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Friday, 21 January 2011

The authentic voice of Islam

Baroness Warsi - who may consider that Islam recognises no such honorific as far as women are concerned, our 'bigoted' society breaching Muslim convention by honouring women in this way - may find time today to listen to the authentic voice of Islam, as spoken through the bearded mouth of Asrar Rashid, a Birmingham imam. The Queen, he says, is 'a disgusting woman' for knighting Salman Rushdie; no doubt had she instead sawed his head off with a bread knife on the red carpet of the Presence Chamber Rashid would not have found this 'disgusting' at all. 


Anonymous said...

I don't hear enough voices of dissent by moderate Muslims, against extreme Islamic fanatics in this country. I feel very uneasy in my own country when hate-filled Islamic preachers are allowed to spout their venom against Christians (of which we are 90% of this country) meanwhile any Christian out on his soapbox doing the equivalent against Islam, would be imprisoned for a long time. Now why is that I wonder? If Warsi wants to do Islam any favours, she should openly demand that equality prevails and that hate-preachers be denounced and gaoled.

I can't remember when the last time was that fanatical Christians blew up a tube train and killed 52innocent people. Remind me?

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

The muslim population are afraid of the extremists and gangsters in their midst I think.
That's why.

English Pensioner said...

However extreme any muslims are, they will not be denounced by fellow "moderate" muslims, even if they know they are about to commit a terrorist act. It is contrary to the whole ethos of their thinking, as non-muslims are even lower in their estimation than any muslim however evil. This was the situation at Luton, where the Swedish bomber had been expelled from his mosque but no-one outside their community had been told.
Thus there is no such thing as a "moderate" muslim until they are prepared to genuinely be part of society and treat offenders amongst their own kind exactly the same as the rest of us.

greg tingey said...

There are plenty of "moderate" muslims - but you never hear of them.
It is because of the sects they belong to. And that they are persecuted by the Sunni/Shi'a extremists.
Just like christianity used to be until very recently, since heretics are more evil and wronger than unbelievers, after all .....
If you are Sufi (like a neighbour of mine) or Ismail'i or Amahdya (sp?) you just want to get on with life and follow the teachings of your particular invisible friend.

Islam is 622 years behind christianity, and does it show!

Oh, and 90% of the population of Britian is NOT christian. I would guess about 15% + another 20% nominal. Most of the rest of us couldn't give a toss about big invisible non-existent sky fairies of any sort. And wish that the believers (with no evidence, anywhere, whatsoever for their loopy bleifs) would all shut up and go away.

Jeremy Hartley said...

Yes, we need to get rid of the Muslims.

Thing is, the Queen is actually a lizard. So she does saw people's heads off. She would have sawed Diana's off, only people would have noticed so she had to be cleverer.

hatfield girl said...

Being a Christian doesn't require a belief in God, GT.

In many places Christian means human, not deist.

Anonymous said...

ISLAMIC preacher Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon points heavenwards to emphasise his message for the governments of Australia -- there is no God but Allah and only his laws should be obeyed.


His other objectives are to advise elected governments they have no authority to rule, and to educate non-Muslims on the benefits of sharia, including punishments such as stoning adulterers and severing the hands of thieves.

"If chopping off the hands is the punishment given by the sharia court then we say glad tidings, because chopping off the hands -- when you understand what is sharia -- is a mercy to that person.

"My attack is on the Prime Minister of Australia," he said yesterday. "I hate the parliament in Canberra. I want to go straight for the jugular vein and advise the parliament that they have no right to legislate. They should immediately step down and let the Muslims take over."

An Australian-born convert to Islam, Siddiq-Conlon is the self-anointed leader of a group called Sharia4Australia, which is pushing for the introduction of sharia courts as a first step towards achieving Islamic law.

"One day Australia will live under sharia; it's inevitable," he said. "If they (Australians) don't accept it, that's not our problem. We hope, and our objective is to have a peaceful transition, but when you look at history that has never been the case. There's always been a fight.

Been saying so for decades.

The only solution is for a separation from Islam and Muslims, if for no other reason then to avoid a civil that will make Bosnia look like a garden party.

Anonymous said...

Greg Tingey - as Hatfield Girl says, Christianity is more a way of life than the worship of a God per se. If you want me to get all technical, then lets say that 90% of our population is non-muslim. Which ever way you want to slice or dice this, it still spells "majority" and still spells trouble.

Coney Island

Greg Tingey said...

"hatfield girl" obviously has no understanding of religion, even her own.
To be a christian you must not only believe in a (single only one true) "god" but that Yeshua ben Joseph of Nazareth was the supposed "saviour" of the world.
It is a requirement.
As much as to be a muslim you have to bleieve that Mohammed was the last true prophet of "god".
That's how those religions are DEFINED.

Anonymous said...

Please read CRANMER and Sunday Expressvon BBC new landlord

Secret Saudi financial grip on BBC editorial content examined here.......

Anonymous said...

According to Warsi, Islamophobia has passed the "dinner table test", that apparently being the test where people dare to express an opinion around their own dinner table without being shipped off to stand trial before the European Court of Justice. But is it really the dinner tables of England that we ought to be concerned with, rather than its army of prayer rugs.

In an environment where 40 percent of UK Muslims want Sharia law, 10 percent support the 7/7 bombers and 13 percent admire Al Qaeda, 40 percent believe that 9/11 was a Jewish/American conspiracy, 62 percent do not believe in protecting free speech, 68 support the arrest and prosecution of writers and cartoonists who insult Islam and 36 percent support the death penalty for Muslims who leave Islam-- -- is it really time for another lecture on Islamophobia?

The British teenager of tomorrow is named Mohammed, and he takes his inspiration not from the Magna Carta, but the Koran. His hero is not Winston Churchill or Oliver Cromwell, but that bloody butcher of men and raper of women and little girls, the Islamic prophet Mohammed. When he plays video games, he imagines that the men he's killing are the soldiers returning home from fighting against teenagers just like him Iraq or Afghanistan. Sooner or later, he dreams of being to do the same thing. He thinks of British girls as whores, of English culture as corrupt and worthless, and feels he owes no obedience to its laws or its government.