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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Don't knock Testino

With apologies for two whimsical posts in a row, it behoves me to share my Damascene conversion in the matter of Mario Testino and his photographic skill. Testino, you may recall, produces flattering if somewhat kitsch and saccharine photographic portraits of the great and good, most recently of Prince William and Miss Middleton. Until this morning, I've held his skill in rather snobbish disregard. But seeing, in one of the mass Sundays still available online, a studio portrait by another unnamed photographer of a winsome young countess who for reasons of delicacy will remain unidentified, I'm now a convert to the absolute need for Testino. The unnamed  photographer has not only deprived the countess of even a hint of decolletage but has emphasised the premature fatty development of the upper arms popularly known as 'bingo wings'. Worst of all, pendulously hanging at the countess' pelvis from the end of her arms are a pair of massive, reddened scullery maid's hands, forming the hideous focus of the picture towards which one's eyes are inextricably drawn. It is perhaps the least flattering studio photograph I have ever seen. Bring on Testino.  


Edward Spalton said...

Perhaps I'm old fashioned but I find all these comments about people's (usually ladies') personal appearance and accompanying photographs very distasteful.

Just the same as I do "confessional"articles and reports intruding into the grief of families of victims of crime and other tragedies.

It is a nasty sort of voyeurism which it is hard to escape anywhere -even in the supposed "quality" media.

Anonymous said...

Met Testino once. A more charming man I have yet to meet. Perhaps that is his secret.