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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ha Ha Hinoki

I've never been a chap for 'fragrances'; Coal Tar soap and everything else unperfumed has always been my preference. I haven't used aftershave since I was a teenager. However, I had one, single, bathroom indulgence and that was Muji's Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) bath salts. They had a terrific 'zing' and left one feeling incredibly fresh and clean. They stopped selling them several years ago, and since then I've made all sort of sporadic effort to find a replacement, without success. So this week I've been experimenting with Epsom salt, Bicarbonate of Soda, Tapioca starch, Sea salt and essential oils to try to re-create the Muji product, and I think I'm almost there. Another week of minor tweaking of the proportions and that will be it. I have to say, minor thing though this is, that it's given me the most enormous satisfaction (it doesn't take much - I'm very low maintenance).   


Anonymous said...

I have always loved Wrights Coal Tar soap.

Of course its not the same now thanks to EU directives banning the use of Coal Tar in non prescription cosmetic products.

Tea Tree Oil...pah.

Still smells nice though!

Thai Foon said...

We use Pears original in this household.

When looking for an extra "zing" chuck a handful of chillies in the mix.