Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The insanity of Gordon Brown

I expect there will continue to be a constant trickle of information about Brown's mental illness whilst in office. Never again can we risk putting someone so dangerously mentally unfit into high office. Today's snippet comes from ex-head of the Civil Service Richard Wilson, in the Indie:
It was also revealed yesterday that Gordon Brown had attempted to shake up Britain's secret services by creating an "internal market" for intelligence, in which Government departments would have to buy the secret information agents had uncovered. During testimony, Lord Wilson said he fought hard against the Treasury plan, which was dropped. He said he was alarmed by the attempt to "introduce a customer relationship between the agency and their departments".
Thank God we got rid of him before he had one part of the army buying their bullets from the other, aircraft having to negotiate their landing fee with their ATC before being allowed to land or had judges working on fixed commission from the fees of barristers appearing in their court. The man was as mad as a bucket of eels, utterly lunatic, a carpet chewer, irredeemably insane.  

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