Saturday, 8 January 2011

A new Lord Longford and a new John Pilger?

To be frank, I think neither of the bloggers I'm referring will appreciate the comparison, but do better if you can. The earl of Longford, you may recall, championed the cause of Myra Hindley. He was also passionately opposed to inverts, a trait that will not endear his memory to Iain Dale in any way, yet Iain is showing the same increasing tendency to champion worthless causes. First his defence of thief and fraudster Derek Conway, then of Mad Nadine and finally of the crooked Phil Woolas. Yesterday he thought the thief Chaytor should have received a sentence painting railings rather than imprisonment. Ian might ponder that after a while, being defended by Frank Longford was to the British public a sure signal of someone's guilt. 

The new John Pilger, in the sense of fearlessly exposing injustice, may be Anna Racoon, once part of the Old Holborn team but now ranked number 2 in the Wikio ratings, two places above Iain and three above Guido. 

Blog bar thingys have been duly updated. 

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Anonymous said...

And to think, it wasn't too long ago that Anna Raccoon was about to give up blogging. Glad she changed her mind!