Monday, 31 January 2011

What Cameron's 'concessions'?

The political class, we are told, have reached a deal on the AV referendum Bill. One hopes beyond hope that the changes are to the AV part of the Bill, and not to the important bit - the move to equalise the electoral quota to within +/- 5% in all UK constituencies by the next election. This is the truly important bit; the AV vote just changes something that works, something that isn't broken, whilst the constituencies part of the Bill reforms a deeply corrupt and untenable inequality in our democracy.

If Cameron's lords have frozen these measures to tackle electoral and political corruption, I shall be bloody furious. And where the hell is the Electoral Commission's report on corruption during the 2010 Election? It was scheduled for their website for 26th January, and is not there yet. 

I don't trust a single one of the corrupt bastards an inch.

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Barnacle Bill said...

It looks as if Cajones Cameron is going to allow Public Inquiries into the boundary changes, which could mean it'll get kicked into the long grass for the 2015 general election.
Although to my mind he should have started with reform of the Lords to an elected second chamber.
Now he's being held hostage by those recently elevated NuLabor buffoons like Prescott.