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Monday, 7 February 2011

Another one down

They're falling like ninepins. For all of you lovers who remember with as much fondness as I the romance of a long weekend in Paris some decades ago ..


Anonymous said...

Good choice of video Raedwald. He was only 4 years older than me! Errk!

I went to Paris last Feb on a telecoms conference and it had been many years since I was there last. Sadly, I wasn't with SWMBO but I did call her up to reminisce. I love that city!

Coney Island

Sean said...

Cry yee not, Snowy White is still singing and strumming Bird Of Paradise

Anonymous said...

Another vote for the choice of video.
They just don't do songs or solos like this anymore, and I'm a little bemused that at 52 I'm still playing Air Guitar to this one:)

Anonymous said...

You lot need to get the shades from your eyes. Paris today is nothing like it was 30 years ago. It's more like Algiers nowadays. Last time I was there I hardly saw a white face - bit like London in some ways.