Friday, 11 February 2011

Don't be vague, ask for ..... Ashton?

William Hague is on the last leg of a three day trip to Tunisia, Jordan, the Yemen and the UAE; both the situation in Egypt and progress in Palestine will have been high on his agenda. Hague's  brisk and efficient approach will no doubt have made plain the UK's position on a number of issues. Before he left, he will have consulted broadly and been adequately briefed by the FCO. He will not, I'm pretty sure, have bothered visiting the old Conservative HQ in Smith Square, now the EU 'Embassy', will not have accorded the EU 'Ambassador' much regard, and will probably have left an underling to phone the EU's 'Foreign Minister' the captivating Catherine Ashton to let them know he was going. 

Whilst Hague can set off with a full set of papers in just a few days, it will take the EU another four or five months to work out exactly what it's position on Egypt is, by which time they will have had at least two new governments and signed new trade accords with every other nation in the region. Whilst the EU play like children with the trappings and titles of statehood, real states such as the UK must continue to do what states do. Ashton has probably got a visit to Egypt pencilled in for September, just late enough to have absolutely no influence at all on the political settlement there. At times one really has to be grateful that the EU is as institutionally incompetent as it is.  


Scrobs... said...

"People underestimate Cathy at their peril. She is not a great big bruiser. She is a persuader and a charmer. That is the secret of her success."[citation needed] Her friend, Ian McCartney, MP, said on her appointment: "She is a Wigan girl who has really made good... She is supportive of working people and has never forgotten her roots."


KA "I Ooops, we didn't ever think they'd do such a nasty thing"!

WH "Neither did you".

Suggestion Box said...

That photo of Cathy Ashtray would make a good caption comp - ie just what is she thinking? No charge.

Ed P said...

The vile picture reminds me of the sand worm in Dune. Scrobs says she's a charmer, but I think she eats anyone who doesn't agree with her.

Anonymous said...

She still looks like a Bulldog that's swallowed a wasp.
Stop traffic in the Washington or Beijing? She couldn't stop a taxi outside the embassy still less a bus.

egh said...

Oh, come on, Raedwald Cyning!
Surely you that's the best picture you could find; you must have something less flattering!

egh said...

On reflection - what a pity they don't send her to frighten the lot of them away from Cairo. [Does anyone else feel that whole deal's incredibly orchestrated- by someone?]

Scrobs... said...

No, I didn't say that Ed, some old mate of hers from way back said it!

I can't stand her!