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Saturday, 5 February 2011

A hoppy conundrum for the Olympics Boot Boys

I wrote some time ago of the draconian powers being mooted for the ODA's Boot Boys, a private army of 'enforcers' who are being empowered in regulations made under the Olympics Act to tear down, cover up, confiscate, exclude and hide any advertising or message within the Olympics Zones that challenges the official sponsors. Olympics sponsors have sole right to display their brands and logos within the zones, and the government are making sure the Boot Boys have powers to prevent any 'ambush marketing' by competing brands trying to sneak into camera views of the VIP convoys streaking down the Zil lanes and suchlike. 

The appointment of Heineken as Official Beer Sponsor will give the Boot Boys a hoppy conundrum. You see, across the whole of East London the local breweries used to proclaim their houses from afar by the prominent badging at high level of gable walls and the like. 'Take Courage' is perhaps the best known, but Fullers, Ind Coope and others still decorate East London's brickwork, as prominent as you like, and as permanent. 

I'd imagine any attempt to cover over, obscure or remove such brand advertising within the Olympic Control Zones would result in popular fury - particularly since the official beer is 'foreign'. And if they're going to be left alone, it's an ideal opportunity for Britain's brewers to, er, refresh them a bit before the games. Maybe some neon. Or flourescent paint. C'mon guys - let's give the Olympic sponsors the finger.  


Curmudgeon said...

Do we know exactly how far the "Olympic Zone" extends?

Raedwald said...

They're still drawing the line - the regulations have yet to be laid before Parliament - but I know it cuts a generous swathe around Olympic venues and Zil lanes

euSSR GO HOME said...

Just more of the same, then...
Sounds like part of the Invasion to me; no wonder our "Common Market" (pah) masters let us win this one!

Scrobs... said...


'Heineken restricts the parks; other beers can outreach...'?

Is that what you're saying?


Anonymous said...

I'm certain that many of the "Take Courage" signs were neon lit.

Anonymous said...

Heineken?? Who the hell wants to drink that shit anyway??

As a northerner, I do profess to know good English ale when I drink it. And - as a northerner, I do know that most of the London beers are damn good quality. London's secret lies deep below London, where there is a large "chalk cap" that covers an area across the south east and is many hundreds of feet below the surface. Drilling down through this cap reveals water of superb quality - and Fullers knows all about this!

And so - as a northerner, I will raise a glass or two of London Pride to you you boys darn sarf! Don't let those boot boys in the ODA get to you!

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...
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Weekend Yachtsman said...


Jeez. They could have picked a decent foreign beer.

Gnats' piss is a polite description.

I suppose Whitbreads (or whoever it is that owns the brand) coughed up the biggest bribe.

God I hate modern marketing.