Wednesday, 2 March 2011

It's a bloke thing

Sad news today that the Treasury is set to close the under-£18 VAT free loophole for goods from the Channel Islands, thus endangering about the best bloke's pick-me-up site on the web - 7-Day Shop. No connection. I spend about a tenner a month here in a sort of low-maintenance retail therapy sort of way (compare and contrast to the cost of a pair of Mahono Blaniks or whatever they're called).

So if you haven't got one of these yet, shell out £16.99 inc. del. whilst you can and see what you can do with a toy plane and some masking tape (it's a bloke thing):-


lilith said...

The plane might be a boy thing but the little camera isn't! I am going to attach one to my dog :-) and find out where he goes on his walks!

Anonymous said...

Her Radders, I didn't know you flew model aircraft?

Coney Island to the rescue - You can get much smaller cameras than the one in your link from ebay and for just £7.99 inc post and pack delivered from China. Just search for key fob camera. I have a full colour 24fpm camera with sound half the size of my car key fob and in fact it looks just like a car key fob, just the thing if you are a spy! Or a model plane flyer!

And for your delectation, here's me flying my Tutor 40 at Templeton air base (disused). I still love my Tutor with over sized engine after nearly 4 years of ownership - - Watch this baby fly! It ain't no Tutor anymore!

And you can see my Pitts Special bi-plane here at the same airfield - The pilot in the video is now the ex-owner, I bought it from him. All the specs are at the start of the video. Enjoy!

Coney Island

Blue Eyes said...

Similarly, I am a regular for the odd DVD or book impulse.

To be fair, the VAT loophole is difficult to justify!

Woodsy42 said...

Bugger! I get all my batteries and stuff from there.
Of course it was bound to end in tears when Amazon muscled in, I have had their CDs are supplied under the same loophole by Indigostarfish.
But does this mean that anything brought from abroad via Ebay will be similarly affected?

Anonymous said...

Hey Woodsie - go to Hobbyking / Hobbycity (same web shop) in Hong Kong!

Coney Island

Woodsy42 said...

Anther point Raedwald, and,I have followed it a bit further on my blog, is that the report says it's to be scrapped on all under £18 imported orders. Not just Channel Islands. That will hit all overseas mini-shopping and kids' pocket money purchases on Ebay etc as well as anonymous' Hong Kong stuff.

Umbongo said...

I note that the BBC sold this item of news, not as a straightforward increase in tax on the consumer, but as an anti-avoidance measure closing down a benefit to those suppliers providing UK consumers with VAT-free goods. Increasing the cost of goods by 20% is OK with the BBC as long as it can lie about the incidence of the tax and take a swipe - no matter how ill-informed and misleading - at the private sector.