Monday, 28 March 2011

Militant Keynesians are new UK security threat

The police and security services are waking up to the fact that those who sought to destroy and disrupt civil life in Britain at the weekend were not anarchists - and even the MSM is starting to wake up to the fact that anarchists as a class are hardly in favour of Big State High Tax political solutions - but militant Keynesians.

Of course the political wing of the Keynesians - the Labour Party - pretends to eschew violence and terrorism in much the same way as did Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness, but there's no doubt that they share a common doctrine and a commitment to a Britain in bondage to Socialist Keynesianism. There is evidence that funds raised 'legitimately' for the Keynesian Party have found their way to funding Keynesian terrorism and civil violence, and behind the masks and balaclavas of the militant Keynesians are many rank and file Labour members. 

Meanwhile police and security forces are attempting to identify the Keynesians behind the weekend's violence, and their links to the so-called Labour Party. The Met are considering a new poster campaign encouraging the public to report suspected Keynesians and Labour Party members, and MI5 are no doubt attempting to infiltrate HUMINT sources into the NEC, believed to be the evil heart of Keynesian violence and terrorism. 

We've been warned. Vigilance must be uppermost. 


Tufty said...

When I first saw this headline I thought the post was about Milton Keynesians - even more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I think that's a very flattering description. I see these people as the children of the football hooligans, allied to extreme Trotskyists.

They don't want Keynesian economics, they just love a good fight. Don't forget, riots are fun, especially if you get to smash some big windows.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this would be a treat, to see the media and government perpertrators of the fraud go after the very political tools who helped manufacture the fraud into legitimacy.