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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

National Smoking Day

Today's one of my favourites of the campaign year; National Smoking Day. I'll be carrying a couple of additional packs of Portuguese Gauloises today and from lunchtime onwards will sit outside the Weatherspoons next to the pavement where every third passer-by usually asks smokers if they've got a spare ciggie. Today is their bonus day; each request will be rewarded with two ciggies and a smile, as we celebrate the world of tobacco. 

So come on all you puffers! Do your bit for National Smoking Day, and see if you can give away an entire pack of cigarettes to needy strangers today.  

FACT - smokers are sexier, wittier and more fun to be with than non-smokers - it's something to do with our non-aversity to known risks, and our 'live for the day' approach to life 


Brew Wales said...

As a non-smoker I celebrate national no smoking day with a couple of cigars.

Barnacle Bill said...

The old pipe will be kept well stoked up today.
Happy Smoking Day!

JohnofEnfield said...

You've had a sex-change operation!

Dick Puddlecote said...

I applaud your choice of pictorial accompaniment, old chap. :)

SimonF said...

Listening to the insufferable twats from Ash this morning is enough to make me start again.

I shall copy Brew and have a cigar.

Anonymous said...

Nice tits!