Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sorry, Alexander; he won't serve you

When Alexander was sixteen, he crushed the Maedi insurgence, conquered their home territory and founded a city. he then went on to subdue revolts in Thrace, taking the city of Perinthus. He repelled an Illyrian invasion of Macedon. At eighteen he marched his army through Thermopylae and broke the Theban lines at the battle of Chaeronea and occupied the Peloponnese. At twenty he was proclaimed King of Macedon. A year later he defeated the Thracians and took his army to the banks of the Danube. At twenty-two he crossed the Hellespont and defeated the Persian Empire, and went on to take Syria and most of the Levantine coast. Then he conquered Egypt before he was twenty-four

Slightly more recently, at the age of twenty-four Captain Frederick Browning was commanding an infantry Company, having won both the DSO and the Croix de Guerre in the trenches in 1917 three years before. 

More recently still, Brummie teenager Private Kennedy, 18, became the youngest holder of the Military Cross for displaying selfless bravery and a cool head under heavy Taliban attack. 

None of them would have escaped the mandatory requirements of the new Alcohol Etc (Scotland) Act 2010. This requires bar and club staff to challenge each and every customer who looks younger than 25 and all those so challenged must provide satisfactory ID before they can be served with alcohol. 

So if you encounter a battle-grizzled and be-medalled RRS sergeant of 24 hanging about outside the Calvin Arms on Leith Walk, spare him your time. He'll only want you to buy a pint of lager for him. 


Wildgoose said...

The Co-Op in my brother's Lincolnshire village of Ruskington already operates a "Challenge 25" policy.

They recently refused to serve his 34 year-old partner using this excuse yet again - despite her having left a photocopy of her passport in their offices.

My brother (age 44) put in a complaint asking for some common sense - their checkout staff might not be sure whether she's under or over 25, but she's obviously over 18. (In fact, she's the mother of a 14 year old and a 12 year old!)

Woodsy42 said...

I still question the legality of any shop demanding an ID when the country has no ID card system.

greg tingey said...

Come outside and say that again!

Anonymous said...

You cite battle hardened soldiers but the reality is too often a feckless teenager who might get tough when full but only if things are safe.