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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Stupidity at the heart of Suffolk Council

I've no idea why Sally Marlow should have been appointed Head of HR at Suffolk County Council, but clearly an intelligent appreciation of HR doesn't seem to be amongst the most cogent reasons; on excusing the expenditure on some fancy new-age crystal-healing aromatherapy type 'executive coaching' for her Chief Executive, Marlow said;
"In exactly the same way as all members of staff at this, and any other, organisation do, the chief executive receives personal development to support her in her role"
Never mind the illiteracy - after all, English may not be Ms Marlow's first language - it's the stupidity inherent in 'receives personal development' that gets me. Here speaks the sing-song voice of the public sector parrot, not entirely sure what 'personal development' is but willing to regard it as a sort of in-service enema for the benefit of the recipient. She could have parroted
"In exactly the same way as all members of staff at this, and any other, organisation do, the chief executive receives colonic irrigation to support her in her role"
With just as much confidence that what she was saying made sense. Perhaps like the head nurse at Shrublands Health Clinic Ms Marlow has a little clipboard and stalks the corridors of the Council demanding "Has the Director of Finance had his personal development this week yet?"

For Ms Marlow's benefit, and any others misguided enough to believe that HR is an actual profession, allow me to point out that personal development is endogenous; change that happens from within, unlike an enema, which is change that can be applied from without. One simply cannot 'receive' personal development. And with this sort of stupidity at the heart of Suffolk Council, I really wonder where my County is going. 

NB Original story by Sara McCorquodale in the Evening Star


Barnacle Bill said...

I think Ms Marlow could do with a bit of colonic irrigation herself, with a liberal dose of Demestos, know to kill 99.9% of all new-age ideas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and guess what R...

It's your money that she is pissing up the wall on fatuous ideas. Sack the bloody lot of 'em.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

What is HR? I've no idea, and Sara McCorquodale's article doesn't enlighten me!

Anonymous said...

What is HR?

I believe it is something to do with Human Resources. This allows people who specialise in HR to outsource Human resources. Wish we could do the same to some of them.

I really do not know how this became a profession. But then, I do not know why there are degrees in media studies, kite flying, Beatles etc

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