Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Suffolk Council bans 'Evening Star' reporter

As an example of how not to run a council PR office, Suffolk council's press officers have told the Ipswich Evening Star reporter who broke the 'new-age guru on the rates' story, Paul Geater, that they will not speak to him. Woo-hoo! The Star's readers don't think much of the council, its Chief Executive Andrea 'enema' Hill or its Leader, ex-Hambros banker Jeremy Pembroke; from one comment;
I spent 4 years working at SCC and CSD and I have quite intimate knowledge of how things work. I just wished I'd kept a dossier of some of the outrageous things I saw and heard. Blatent disregard for public money at almost every level. A world that operates under its own conditions and rules and there is hell to pay if you stir things up. Very Stalinist. SCC and CSD used to hire £85K-£130K a year contractors like they were going out of fashion. I met so many highly paid yet low calibre people on a daily basis most of whom used to sit in meetings all day drinking free coffee and eating sandwiches. SCC and CSD are still awash with people who add nothing. If Ms Hill was as slick as she claims, the wage bill at SCC would be much less now than when she took office but the local Govt agenda is NOT job cutting it is about expert re-shuffling. I just hope Cameron and Pickles do what they threaten.


Anonymous said...

Yeah and this is repeated across the country.
They need facing down and breaking up, the are petty fiefdoms and rule with a Stalinist-like grip. The recruitment process is all about cronyism and keep it in the family.
Standards are piss poor but the most corrupt dept is usually the planning dept...!!

Budgie said...

As Anon says, typical across the country. It was even true in Labour councils in the 1970s post IMF when the Labour government tried feebly to cut.

CMD has failed. He thinks he can make top down cuts. The incumbents simply cut front line services and wait for the public to do their protesting for them. Easy-peasy.