Friday, 22 April 2011

Another confused fool

I don't know who Jon Worth is or why he should write for the Guardian, but the man's as big a fool as any that paper attracts. After a brief tour d'horizon of Europe's swing against the established political class, he writes:
So what is going on here exactly? First, all of these movements tap into a deep discontent with the mainstream parties in Europe's political systems. Every funding scandal, every politician found to be corrupt, adds more wind to these parties' sails. The European Union, lacking decisive leadership in times of financial difficulty, is an ideal further focus for this ire.
Second, in the effort to make a populist appeal to voters, it is always handy to have an enemy to hand. This enemy is anyone coming from the outside – immigrants. Anti-immigrant rhetoric is the only thing in common between the politics of these parties.
Firstly, the suggestion that folk are angry because the EU is displaying insufficient 'decisive leadership' is not just risible, not just far into the realms of fantasy, but demonstrates a complete denial of the basis of popular anger with the EU - a resentment that the EU tries to display 'decisive leadership' at all when it has no remit, no legitimacy in doing so. 

Secondly, Worth trots out the classic distortion of the left that cannot afford to recognise that an opposition to immigration and the effects of immigration is quite different, completely different, to being anti-immigrant. I can't stress how important this distortion is. I don't blame any immigrants for coming to the UK - Labour opened the door wide and offered free housing, health care, education and Welfare benefits beyond the dreams of avarice of a peasant from a dusty village in Somalia or Bangladesh. You can't blame them for taking up the offer. Immigration isn't their fault - it's Labour's fault. No use blaming the immigrants. 

But the left must keep repeating the distortion that anti-immigration is the same as anti-immigrant, for to do so shifts the real popular ire to the poor illiterate, superstitious, fetish-worshipping, chronically unhealthy, unemployable sods crowding our new ghettoes rather than the foul and corrupt Left who brought them here. And groups such as the EDL are also silly fools for falling for Labour's distortion; they shouldn't be gathering to scrap with Muslims on the streets of Luton, but assemble instead outside the fashionable Notting Hill houses of the Left who opened the door. 

And fools such as Worth get away with stating "Anti-immigrant rhetoric is the only thing in common between the politics of these parties" without anyone pointing out that it's actually Anti-immigration rhetoric that unites them.   


Robert said...

I can' find the words for a pithy observation, just a thank you for this piece.

Rush-is-Right said...

I have never encountered anybody who spelt his first name "Jon" who wasn't a bit of a tit.

Sue said...

I've had a few "to do's" with Jon Worth on twitter. He's a patronising Europhilic Communist. He needs a punch up the bracket!

Anonymous said...

Have linked Raedwald.

Someone had to write this - I just can't be bothered - there are so many Jon Worths indirectly leaching our taxes.

Whistle said...

That is a great idea for the EDL to demonstrate outside the luvvies homes.

Anonymous said...

The EDL is anti Islamo-fascist and wants the borders closed to new entrants, if we still live in a democracy why can't their voice be heard?
Islamicisation of Britain is a real and tangible threat it is they - who will take this country over, sooner rather than later.

The premise of your article however is undoubtedly correct though.

It is the Labour party, who changed and rewrote laws and it is they who opened the gates with glee, recent mumbled apologies do not begin to cut it.

The labour scum, are still wholeheartedly unapologetic.
Well here's something for them to contemplate, when the revolution occurs, it is the appeasers that will adorn the cranes first.

Worth is a whinning chump, not 'worthy' of consideration, his articles are drivel in an organ which, encourages and epitomises weak minded, vacuous pap.

DeeDee99 said...

The British people should write to the Australian Government and ask them to take over management of our immigration and asyulum system.

They seem to have no problem dealing with the issue.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear DeeDee99 have you read todays papers in Australia.
'asylum seekers' rioting and burning down detention centres etc.

Another tedius anonybod said...

Winter's coming so they can now live in tents outside with no herating or running water. Serve them right.

Anonymous said...

Lord Glasman (Labour Peer) has admitted in print that Labour got it wrong on immigration. He sites the deliberate reason (the reason we have all been looking for) as to why Labour deliberately let this happen.

"To drive down workers wages in Britain"

You just couldn't make it up. The party of the working class driving down workers wages. Basically the working class of Britain have been diluted out.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"...assemble instead outside the fashionable Notting Hill houses of the Left..."

Ha. I don't think so: most of those places are gated communities and all of them have private security.

Any of the great unwashed appearing there would be seen off sharpish.