Monday, 25 April 2011

AV referendum: How the voting works

It seems many people are still confused at the Supplementary top-up system to be used for counting the 'yes' and 'no' votes in next week's referendum on AV. The process is actually very simple;

1. The initial 'yes' and 'no' votes are counted
2. 50% of the difference between the two figures is then either added or subtracted to the initial votes to close the gap
3. If neither vote achieves 62% after this, the remaining 50% of the difference is either added or subtracted to the result of stage 2 above.
4. 'yes' and 'no' votes should now be exactly equal, in line with Labour and LibDem policies on compulsory fairness. 
5. Mrs Vince Cable will toss a coin to determine the result, which will be 'yes'.


Anonymous said...

Much as our current system isn't perfect, it certainly is better for us, the hard voting people of Britain.

I will be voting NO to any change.

Coney Island

Aurelian said...

I'll be putting "1" in the NO box and "2" in the YES box.

Barnacle Bill said...

My tick goes in the "None of the above" box.

Sean said...

I will be voting NO, but I am kinda curious how things will work out if its a yes.

As someone married to an Australian and having lived in Oz and watched this system work, I think a lot of the predictions about its outcome here in the UK are just plain wrong.

1, the Oz labour party is much more Conservative than our own. It has to be as the centre is always towards the "right"

2, whats happened in OZ is a 2+2 political system, Labour and the Liberals (cons) and two smaller parties Greens (left) Nationals (right)

3, my guess is the UK will produce a 3+3 system, and the party that will be squeezed is Libdems.

its seems to me its the South West of England that is the problem area for the Cons. They tend to be very hard core anti-eu down there but still wont vote Tory in enough numbers, AV might solve it for them.

English Pensioner said...

I spoke to an elderly woman some years ago and she told me that she always put a cross against those candidates which she didn't want, and a tick for the one she did.
Wonder how this works with the AV vote?
My wife attended the count at the last General Election (for UKIP) and she was staggered by the number of spoilt papers with just four candidates. I hate to think what will happen with AV.

Anonymous said...

I've got it now, thanks to you Reawald.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I plan to cross out the questions and write in "Stay in the EU" and "Leave the EU", with the appropriate cross in the appopriate place.

After all, that is the referendum we were promised by cast-iron Dave, and the only one any of us want, as opposed to this pernicious waste of time and money, which is (a) a sop to the Fib-Dims and (b) a dangerous risk that we end up with permanent Fib-Dim coalition administrations.

Not that any of it matters when the real government is in Brussels and cannot be removed or influenced by anything said or done by anyone in Britain, not even all of us together.