Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cameron an embarrassment at PMQs

Blushing and stammering like a virginal public schoolboy being put down by a younger street-wise girl from the local comp, Cameron blustered his way through PMQs today in a rictus of embarrassment. Desperately stroking the facing of his Eton 'pop' wes'cut (or where the comfort garment should have been), Call Me Dave struggled to recover from the almost universal disappointment of the House at his comment to Angela Eagle to 'Calm down, dear'. To belly laughs, he then went on to defend Andrew Lansley.

A pathetic performance. 


TiDavisUSA said...

Why do you even care? Would you do anything about even if you could? I would have to say no. I have seen no evidence of anyone in Great Britain possesing anything like courage lately.
However I seen more and more of this.

You used to have a very nice country there. Why did YOU allow to become as it has?

F***W*T TW****R said...

@ TiDavisUSA
You're right of course, but then you've got barry buggerlugs shafting you! Lets see what Obamaland is like after 8 years. We survived 13 years of Bliar/Brown.

TiDavisUSA said...

"barry buggerlugs"?? I am familiar with the bugger part but the lugs will need some explanation. English is not my first language.

As far as surviving 8 years of oba-mao, that will have to seen. We are in almost as bad situation as you are there. That is why some of us are watching you.

Anonymous said...

We're all sliding into the midden.