Saturday, 23 April 2011

Enjoying your smoke-free pubs?

Well, I'm out of London again today, so I'll leave all the clean-air non-smoking pubs to those smug Time Out reading metrophiles to enjoy.
As the view from Hampstead Heath (above) published in the Mail shows, London is set for another suffocating smog today. It's not only the particulates - PM10s and PM2.5s - but the NO, and particularly the carcinogenic PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) levels that Londoners will be breathing today - a rich soup. So bad in fact that if the 2003 smog mortality figures are a guide, several hundred Londoners will die today.

It's estimated that particulates alone kill 29,000 a year in the UK. Cancers and birth defects from the PAHs, and particularly the BaPs, could kill as many again.  Geoffrey Lean outlines the causes in the Telegraph; no, not filthy smokers, but cars. 

Cigarettes of course also produce particulates, NO and PAHs. This was the reason the banners wanted them banned. If you were locked in a small 3m2 chamber with a smoker who smoked an entire cigarette, the air inside would only have a PAH level of 0.5 - 8 ng/m. Today in London, levels on the roads will reach something like 120 ng/m3 . Even on normal days, PAH levels on London roads are around 35 ng/m3 . And you're breathing this with every single breath, every minute, every hour, for days on end. 

So let's admit it, shall we? Banning smoking has absolutely nothing at all to do with the actual health risks of passive smoking, and everything to do with bigotry, prejudice, twisted science and spite. So suck in the smog, you Hoons, and enjoy. 


Anonymous said...

Government banned fags in pubs because they could, they could say; "what fine and concerned gentlemen we are!"
Banning smoking weed/skunk - an illegal drug and far worse on the lungs [+ mind] is not considered, the luvvies use it and they're of the cognoscenti elites.

It's a post normal world we live in and the health Nazis + five-a-day [not five GCSE's] nutters are in charge.

They [EUSSR} want to ban cars in London and fine Britain for having high pressure blocks [?} - nothing to do with the jet stream.....?

Post normality rules OK in the EU too.

Chuckles said...

I suspect the cause is a simple temperature inversion, but hey, it gives a boost to the 'hot subjects of conversation in the Great Wen.'

Paul Maynard said...


I came to this blog from another with a strong recommendation. You are right about the risks of passive smoking but then you quote Geoffrey Lean as a source so your credibility is destroyed.



B.O.O. said...

A company where I worked once banned ciggies from the workplace - except from the lunchroom. They kept the doors shut, and the poisonous fug that resulted was multiple times worse than on any old-time aircraft.

After a few weeks, even the smokers refused to go in there; and I think it did something strange to the overall A/C system, because the stench began to travel.

So after that they banned smoking anywhere in the building.

Mind you - cars in the open air of London... Is the euSSR just picking on us again? Or how are cars doing in Sproutland? Do they plan to except armoured vehicles for the puppet squad (Cleggerons, et al)?

Or have the dulcet tones of 'Say BOO to brussells' reached their shell-likes?

Weekend Yachtsman said...


I suppose this is the beginning of another push for higher taxes on motoring - even for those of us (the majority) who don't live in huge overcrowded cities in the South of England.

I may have asked this before, but why don't these people just f*** off out of our lives?

Anonymous said...

Worth having a look at.