Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Labour unleashes attack-dog Mandelson

The invert Peter Mandelson is set to replace cross-dresser Edward Izzard in fronting the 'Yes' campaign. Labour's stance on AV to date has been as much a triumph of equivocation as the sexuality of its frontsmen; only hard-line political dags and groupies can tell you whether 'Red Ed' is actually for or against, whilst in the public mind other senior Labour figures are evenly divided between the two camps. In contrast, few could easily identify any Tory figures in favour of AV but there is a high level of recognition that Cameron is against it. Mandelson's strategy for the following week will be simple - to identify Labour wholly with the 'Yes' group in an attempt to turn the Referendum into a straight Labour-Tory vote; if he succeeds, the 'No' camp's solid lead will wither over the next week as an appeal to tribal loyalty overcomes a cross-party neutrality. 

The tactic is pure, classic, poison Mandelson and indicates the desperation of the 'Yes' group. He's prepared to sacrifice the cred of any Labour figures on the 'Yes' side (and no doubt will rejoice at any political harm he can do to John Reid) and accustom disenchanted LibDems to voting in the Labour lobby. Loathe him or loathe him, there's no denying that Mandelson's still one of the sharpest political manipulators around. 


js111 said...

Don't you mean it shows the desperation of the 'Yes' group?

Raedwald said...

yes yes - stupid mistake. Now corrected. many thanks.

js111 said...

OK - love the blog, by the way.

English Pensioner said...

Interesting report on the BBC news, Mandalson wants a yes vote to damage the Tories whilst Margaret Beckett wants a No vote, saying that voters should vote in the interests of the country not of the party.
So Mandelson doesn't give a damn for the country as long as he can harm the Tories, and for once Margaret Beckett has actually made a sensible statement.