Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Localist betrayal

It's now becoming clearer by the day who are the real winners of Cameron's Localism Lite™ - and it's the same old corporatist bastions of the Leviathan Central State as it always was. Crapita, Serco, G4, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and the rest. The firms that used to cosy up with the corrupt and destructive Audit Commission in imposing something termed 'the new public management', the firms that give mandarins and ministers the illusion of central control, the firms that are tightening their contractual stranglehold on British democracy. Whitehall has fooled any Coalition members who actually believed in Localism - and there were a few. It has engineered a system of central outsourcing that leaves power relationships intact whilst further destroying local accountability. The only thing that would give me any joy this morning would be to see the lamp columns of the Mall decorated with the swinging corpses of the Permanent Secretaries.

Whitehall and its compliant dummies at the helm of the NHS and local government will frustrate and subvert any effort to decentralise control to local communities. The coalition's ministers are easily frightened by the mandarins, scared of change by the bogeymen of local democracy. So yet again we have the expensive illusion of decentralisation whilst the  feudal steel and glass towers of PwC and the rest rise like castle keeps above a captive nation. What a waste. 

We're almost a year on from the election and already the Coalition's first great betrayal is obvious to all. Cameron is just a weak, foolish, intellectually ungifted scion of the State after all.  


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Cameron is just a weak, foolish, intellectually ungifted scion of the State"

Wasn't that obvious to all before the last election?

Graeme said...

I am sorry to see your sunny disposition expunged. On the other hand your characterisation of Cameron was obvious to some of us before the election.

I am still amazed so many voters fell for his act. After the many years with Blair at the helm I felt sure more people would be able to spot a self-interested liar.

Plus ça change...

Edward Spalton said...

Wasn't it even more amazing that people fell for Tony Blair more than once and that Gordon Brown kept his reputation as "The Iron Chancellor" practically until the bailiffs called?

Umbongo said...

I don't think many conservatives were fooled by Cameron. Those who remain(ed) in the party fooled themselves, hoped for the best and believed (against all the evidence) that Cameron was not really Blair in a bespoke suit. They are - predictably - disappointed.

Those "natural" conservatives who left the party (I left when Howard came out in support of ID cards, but that was just the straw to the camel's back) looked on unsurprised as the Conservative Party only just crawled into office by hardly beating the worst and most corrupt administration since Lord North's.

BTW had Cameron been wise, and not the power-hungry, incompetent PR shyster that he is, he would have formed a minority government: the LibDems did not want (nor could they afford) another election. Perforce they would have been compelled to keep Cameron in power. The alternative (a LibDem/Lab coalition) would have been the best outcome since Cameron would have had to resign as leader of the Conservatives and Labour would have been forced to deal (badly I suspect) with the ruin they created: a nasty few years no doubt but the light of a real alternative to the present statist and dirigiste crapola would be at the end of the tunnel.

Anonymous said...

'Twas ever thus.

Coney Island

Gordo said...

Yes it was obvious.