Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Well, at least he didn't apologise

Cameron's rather tenuous grasp of history should oblige his aides to steer his speech-making away from making historical pronouncements, particularly on foreign trips where the potential for damage, with foreigners being notoriously thin-skinned, is the greatest. In this latest case, he was asked on a visit to Pakistan how the UK could help resolve the Kashmir question. He replied “I don’t want to try to insert Britain in some leading role where, as with so many of the world’s problems, we are responsible for the issue in the first place.”

Well, at least he didn't apologise. And on the face of it, it's not that extraordinary an answer. If he wasn't aware of the Radcliffe Line, he was aware that Britain oversaw partition in 1947, and perhaps Balfour's 1917 declaration is also in the Cameron mind. And historians will argue whether it wasn't Jinnah's intransigence rather than Mountbatten's mischief that was responsible for the issue in the first place, but still. 

Blair, of course, would have apologised profusely, being both sufficiently stupid and impertinent enough to blame our forebears for just about everything. Brown would have blamed someone else, or would have denied that Britain ever occupied India at all. Major would have avoided the issue altogether, and stressed the positive benefits of a shared love of cricket. And perhaps after all, what one needs on these foreign trips is an approach like that of John Major. Cameron please note. 


Graeme said...

He really is a muppet. It's only a few weeks since Cameron wanted to lead the charge in to Libya.

Anonymous said...

Major was a better Prime Minister than Cameron, I think.

A K Haart said...


"It's only a few weeks since Cameron wanted to lead the charge in to Libya."

You've nailed the loon in one sentence. Two sentences if you count the muppet one, which is equally sound.

Anon 234 said...

Very mild comments. You can tell we're not altogether brainwashed by South-American style commiedom: or he'd be dead by now.

Barnacle Bill said...

Blair was just a self serving corrupt politician, Broon a mad closet gay and Major a decent man.
Cameron is just a dim-witted muppet out of his depths.
Gosh we don't have elect 'em in this country!

Nick Drew said...

yeah, bloody Mountbatten

give me Wavell any day