Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Another £500 Mr Osborne? Get stuffed.

Mr Osborne hasn't had the courtesy to tell me personally, of course, but he's just taken another £500 of my money and given it to the Portuguese banks. No doubt my hard-earned wedge will provide a decent lunch for a couple of Lisbon bankers, or buy a night in a Brussels hotel for one of them. Together with the £500 he's taken from each of five of my neighbours, we've even funded a decent suit for one of them. 

Given that the ECB is bankrupt, and every respectable financial commentator believes the Greek, and probably Portuguese and Irish governments as well, will default, making this 'loan' more of a gift, two questions are in my mind. Firstly, for how much longer will Osborne throw my money into this blatent Ponzi scheme? And secondly, how much longer will I stand for it? 


Anonymous said...

He won't be getting a penny out of me this year. I resigned my 6-figure slary job in February and, for now, I am doing nothing.

Coney Island

Weekend Yachtsman said...

A night in a Brussels hotel?

Not in the kind of hotel these leeches favour: I believe the suspect Strauss-Kahn was screwing us for about $3000 a night in New York.

Possibly he was screwing other people too - but that's sub judice.

Anonymous said...

If it was straight up our money, that might not be so bad, but it's not. In order to pay off someone else's bad debts, we go further into debt ourselves.


Robert said...

Re Weekend Yachtsman's post Perhaps he wasn't which is why he felt the need to impose himself on the chamber maid.

Could Osborne's actions with regard to Portugal be classed as malfeasance?

He must know by now we will not be getting our money back. If we get a hair cut so should he. I propose it should be administered two inches below the chin with a sharp blade.

TiDavisUSA said...

How much longer will you stand for it?
Now there is an interesting question.
My question would have to be, why are you complaining? You obviously love whatever comfort you have left in your life more than you love your freedoms. You will do nothing more than complain about misdeeds and wait for someone else to do something.
Maybe just maybe, by the time your grandchildren are grown and being faced with choosing freedom over forced beard growing and wearing black potato sacks over thier bodies, you will do something.

Vinnie, my Las Vegas bookmaker, has givin very high odds against you. Still, I have put a fiver in your favor. Please do not disappoint us.

Blue Eyes said...

It does seem absurd to be throwing further good money after lost bad. Not long ago we could at least see the fig leaf of nobody being allowed to default but now they are all talking about it openly.

I mean, none of us would lend a further fiver to the bloke whose already lost the first one and the second one and needs a third to pay back the first.

Michael Fowke said...

We don't even have any money to lend anyone? What's going on?

Anonymous said...

The problem is too much money that is available for politicians to throw around.

Anonymous said...

Why is that, we are forced to bail-out an EU federalist fantasy, an idea, a political and economic union - that is despised by the majority of the British population?

Anonymous said...

Billions in EU contributions - to fund a higher rank of corrupt bureaucrats and even the mafia.

Billions in Climate Warming criminal racket contributions - planet harming corruption.

Billions in foreign aid that just eds up in furthering corruption here and abroad.

Billions in EU bail-outs to Greece and Portugal - more corruption.

Billions in immigrant diversity /enrichment welfare benefits - more corruption.

Billions in Bank bail-outs - seriously large scale corruption.

There is no end to the profligacy of our politicians when it comes to spending our money on what makes them feel good and caring.