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Friday, 6 May 2011

Beware the State's death squads

Spain is still coming to terms with what the MSM term 'the Civil War' but is in reality more the ruthless grip on power of an utterly amoral central State. The Ministry of Justice have published HERE a map of all the mass-graves of the casualties of both left and right, and frankly it has the power to shock. Of the many hundreds of mass graves, take just one, located at the side of the B10 - the road you'll take from central Barcelona out to the airport this Summer. As the smooth tarmac glides through an industrial estate whose vent stacks are adorned with household names and logos, look down at an undeveloped area, stone field walls, a flash of bright pantiles on the roof of a concrete-drab cottage, a few stunted olives. Here lie the corpses of 1717 persons, deemed enemies of the central State and dumped here after their casual killing. 

Below is the first of 172 internet pages that list the victims. When our fathers were fighting WWII, Franco was killing musicians. During the Korean war, he was shooting Glaziers. When London had the mini and Twiggy, when the first men landed on the Moon, Cataluns were being dragged from their beds and summarily murdered.

I cannot stress too strongly the danger of a nation, any nation, at any time, sliding into totalitarianism, nor the dangers that the 'State' comes to regard itself as more important than its citizens. The passion with which I advocate decentralisation of power, oppose the creation of a national police force, promote local administration of policing and justice, and fight the Leviathan metropolitan State and its parasitic political class is just this. Whatever the future brings for our nation, we must never, never allow them to justify the death squads, the raid in the night , and piles of corpses dumped on waste ground around our towns and cities.


DeeDee99 said...

If that was what can occur in one small country, taken over by a ruthless dictatorship; just imagine what the EU will be capable of doing in a few years if dissent continues to grow among the captive populations in the trapped nations.

Stravagantisimo said...

Many of the ones marked as "transferred to Valle de los Caidos" were murdered by the uniformed Assault Guards and by Communist, Anarchist and Trotskyist death squads operating with the blessing of a democratically elected government. 4,000 hostages were shot at Paracuellos de Jarama alone, and nearly 1,000 priests, monks and nuns were murdered in Cataluña alone. It was a horrific example of the breakdown of the state's monopoly of violence that actually argues against your hypothesis.

Anonymous said...

Astonishing! And I am somewhat saddened by the fact that I did not know about this; and I consider myself to have a good general knowledge of the world.

The situation still appears to be unquantified. The green flags where there are no "interventions" seems to imply that they have yet to unearth them and count the victims, there could be hundreds of thousands more people disposed of in this manner.

You said it had the power to shock and indeed it does; and strangely, I thank you for that.

Coney Island

Span Ows said...

The blue R in the top RH corner of that map in the post is exactly where I live!

What many can't get their heads round was that Franco only died at the end of 1975! (to put that in perspective the UK had their EEC referendum earlier that year)

What Stravagantisimo wrote needs some understanding too. He is perfectly right and the murders on both sides is and shall remain a stain. The incredible thing is that Spain is still "split", not necessarily pro and anti Franco camps but not as far from that as you might expect.

Anonymous said...

Good issue to raise.

To mitigate or even prevent the state's monopoly of deadly force taking an evil turn, it is clear we require an armed citizenry. This is the state of affairs in some nations such as the USA and Switzerland. However, this also requires a culturally homogenuous nation. In the current West, this means the nation shares the same Christian values, and have direct ownership of it.

Unfortunately this is not the case now. We have a West that has large numbers of Muslims, who have a totally different culture, which includes "divinely" ordained violence to spread Islam. In such a situation, an armed citizenry would quickly lead to civil war, and death squads galore.

From the state's POV, an unarmed citizenry is the always the best. And to block any argument for an armed citizenry, a multiculturalism policy that includes Islam/Muslims, become essential.

Anonymous said...

"I cannot stress too strongly the danger of a nation, any nation, at any time, sliding into totalitarianism, nor the dangers that the 'State' comes to regard itself as more important than its citizens."

Ominous words, I fear though, this is the way we're sliding and down into the 'shell hole' of tyranny and totalitarianism. Make no mistake - this is what the national political elites desire [because they believe in their omniscient wisdom: that they know better], this is what the EU encourages and ferments - the elites against [and stamping on] the wishes, ambitions and needs of people.

It couldn't happen in the States, it is presently happening in Europe.
We are not free, our politicians could precipitate a free Britain NOW!... not tomorrow.
They do not wish it, therefore our political elite in Britain is also our enemy.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:54

"It couldn't happen in the States"

I'd beg to differ. The Socialist administration of Barak Hussein Obama is doing its level best to put the USA onto the same Socialist path as in EUrope. He has declared war on private gun ownership. He is promoting illegal immigration from Mexico and further afield (known to the right as "Undocumented Aliens////// Democrats".

Cromwells apprentice said...

DP1111 says it best, and armed citizenry is best served by it's government.

It is naive to believe that government growth is containable, each of us (no matter what age or country of residence) only have to think back ten years and compare the growth of personal restrictions.

Plus,in the event of social breakdown due to economic failures (not unlikely) a weapon and an ability to use it properly will be mighty useful.

Gordo said...

I am mainly on side with you DP111. Multiculturalism is incompatable with free speech. It can only exist when citizens are held at gunpoint and are unable to resist.

I wouldn't hammer the Christian point so hard. Christianity as it exists in the West is mainly a construct of our culture, and culture, as we all know but the Guardian doesn't, is a construct of race. Culturally homogenous yes, but bear in mind that European culture originates in European DNA.

Anonymous said...

Cromwell, Gordo
Thanks for your comments.

Multiculturalism, the policy, and its after effects, cultural diversity, does not allow an armed citizenry, as it would quickly lead to real civil war - with arms. The state therefore can continue with what it likes most of all - a monopoly of deadly force, which it can use when it feels like, with no fear of any challenge. The state can argue that a multicultural nation, (which in its view is the best of all), requires that the state has a monopoly of deadly force.

In short, a nation and its government is best, when its constituents have the same language and culture. When that happens there is civil peace, and an armed citizenry is possible.

Cromwells apprentice said...

DP111, the multi-culti argument has been LOST in the yUK and you have been overrun.

My comments mainly alluded to the defensive properties of a firearm. Shotguns are still legal in the yUK and are effective close range weapons.

Obviously an individual cannot stave off the forces available to the state, but were a significant percentage of the population to arm itself legally it could cause the government to adopt a different stance related to imposition of unpopular policies (maybe).

I incline to the original intent of the American constitution that all free men should have the opportunity to be armed so that insurgent forces would be very wary.

Additionally, are you confident that your constabulary is sufficient to maintain order if civil insurrection occurs? A small scale riot in Bristol needed the combined forces of Somerset, South Wales and Wiltshire to (somewhat) restore order, meanwhile those counties were susceptible to further unlawful action by other opportunists.

I prefer not to subcontract my family's safety.

Anonymous said...

Cromwells apprentice

Sad to say but the MC argument is lost only in appearance. The laws at local council, national and EU level, still operate.

As for the local iPlod, he is only concerned with force protection ie himself and the financial package from the state.