Thursday, 12 May 2011

Heffer joins Craig Brown and A.N. Wilson

Their collective sin, it seems, was to refuse to devote their columns to the doings of pointless people. The Telegraph is increasingly devoted to pointless people; a feature listing 'Our five hottest Summer vegetables' leaves one not knowing whether the piece will be about comestibles or the stars of X-factor. Before long the paper will go tabloid, to suit the morning trains and tubes, and someone called Jordan will pen the politics column. 

So farewell then, Heff. A man I imagined wearing Corduroy strides of such thickness that hinges were fitted at the knee to allow him to sit. A columnist who allowed me to feel like a pinkish liberal after every read. A man in possession of an English bray that could be heard from Cairo to the Cape. 


Rush-is-Right said...

"Heffer joins Craig Brown and A.N. Wilson"

And Mark Steyn, best of the lot.

Demetrius said...

Craig Brown had a great one today in the Daily Mail.

Ed Butt said...

Perhaps he just wanted to take things easy, he has ben around a long time.

Anonymous said...

Heffer, a master of his art, who or what now is left at the DT?

Only, the illiberal Blue Tory shills.

English Pensioner said...

Which is why I didn't renew my annual subscription when it expired recently. Gone are the days when they actually reported the news and provided informed comment, now it's all regurgitated from the news agencies, and you can find better comment on the web. And nothing about events in quite a few parts of the world (such as the burning of Christian Churches in Egypt and the resurgence of militant Islam). And as for "celebs". I've no idea who most of them are and don't give a damn who they are sleeping with.
I now just buy the Mail on Saturday for the TV supplement as it is quite good and cheaper than the TV Times.