Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hollow EU Econprop from slavish BBC

It seems the BBC news service is wholly without the services of an economist. Either that, or it's content to publish whatever pro-EU old rubbish is pushed in its direction. What else can explain the coverage being given to the NIESR's report that Eastern European immigration increased UK GDP?  

As any fule know, it's not changes to GDP that's meaningful in this context, but changes to per capita GDP; even a Somali on benefits will increase GDP, but whereas a Somali on benefits marginally reduces per capita GDP, a Canadian doctor will marginally increase it. 


Gordo said...

The real per capita hourly wage has been going down since the 70s, only disguised by two adults working in most households. Like per capita GDP it is not discussed.

English Pensioner said...

This report
suggests that in Denmark immigrants and descendants from non-western countries today the Danish society 15.7 billion kroner per year, while immigrants and descendants from Western countries contributing to the exchequer by 2.2 billion kroner.
Strange, the BBC never mentions such reports!