Monday, 16 May 2011

The military compact

If we're really serious about granting those who face unique risks special privileges, we really don't have to invent any new ones. A military compact that

  • Provides heavily subsidised places for the children of servicemen at boarding school
  • Allows retirement from active service at 55
  • Provides a final salary pension scheme
  • Subsidises and preserves regimental and service museums
  • Maintains specialist military hospitals
  • Provides adequate aftercare for veterans

would really just be restoring the special treatments that successive Labour and Conservative governments have both had a record of dismantling. Or perhaps Dave just wants to replace real benefits with something wholly tokenistic, like a coloured wristband and a free Oyster card?

And when fools and idiots still talk about politics as a 'career' and Party HQs would still fill the House with those with absolutely no life experience beyond playing politicians, Cameron could start by guaranteeing a place on Open Primary longlists for service veterans. Or perhaps he's rather not have independent and experienced minds in place of obedient but jejune lobby fodder?


DC said...

It's the aftercare for veterans that's been sorely missing. Servicemen struggling to get on council house lists because their service means they don't have a history of residency. Mental healthcare for those who need it has also been sorely lacking despite the best efforts of service charities.

Anonymous said...

It should be part of the pact that, if the serving warrior is killed, then the spouse gets his/her salary and the house for life. Not only would that be fair, it may also cause the government of the day to think more about the expense of the campaign before venturing into it in the first place.

Coney Island

English Pensioner said...

Ex-serviceman should be given priority if filling posts at the MoD. At least they would understand the need to get the right equipment to the right places at the right time.

Gordo said...

And perhaps jobs as coppers. Why not?