Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Yet more blackmail, bribery and corruption

Does anyone smell a strong piscene odour from the following sequence of events?

1. RMT union plans 2 week strike this Summer and more during Olympics year
2. Concern expressed by IOC officials that the Zil lanes may be crowded, or that their pre-booked whores and drug-runners may be late in arriving at their hotels
3. Pay deal announced on 10th May for RMT & TSSA of 5.2% from January 2011 and inflation plus 0.5% from January next year plus a £500 Olympic bonus for each worker
4. RMT calls off planned 2 week strike

Like rotten Mackerel. 


greg tingey said...

Actually, no.
If you were a regular commuter, you would be aware of the contempt and arrogance with which LUL treats its paying customers.
And the persistent, non-stop stream of pointless and intelligence-insulting "announcements".
Now, consider how the same organisation treats its staff?

Yes, B. Crow is a left-wing nutter - BUT his antics get vitually nowhere on other parts of the railway system, yet in LUL, there are, obviously very bad industrial relations.

So it takes two to make a quarrel, but LUL mis-management are (just) crafty enough to make sure that Crow gets the balme, unless you are close-enough up to notice..

Demetrius said...

All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

Anonymous said...

This was a battle that should not have been bottled.

DORIS Johnson, is an ineffable clown but infinitely more preferable to that dick head RED KEN.
But, DORIS - you f888ing sold out here, you yellow livered t£at.

greg tingey said...

Strike now OFF and settled, because someone stoppd bullying.

Any more stupid comments from peole who don't live in London, and don't watch what is happening day by day?