Sunday, 15 May 2011

You d i r t y old man!

So, Msr Dominique Strauss-Kahn flees his $3,000 a night hotel for the supposed security of an Air France flight, leaving, we are now told, not only his mobile phone but also a liberal splattering of what NYPD are calling his 'DNA'. Strauss-Kahn, bollock-naked and 'visibly excited' was chasing a hotel maid down a corridor, police allege. After a gross physical assault he imprisoned her in his hotel room as a presumed prelude to rape. 

Without Strauss-Kahn in next year's French Presidential contest, polls are showing the votes would be spilt about a third each between Marine Le Pen, Sarkozy and a nonentity candidate of the left. The prospect of Sarkozy being knocked out and a run off between Marine and the lefty will be getting rightist Kermits very excited tonight. Though not, one hopes, as excited as the foolish Msr Strauss-Kahn.   


Sean said...

Rape! Maids! I seem to remember another Marxist (though he claimed not to be a Marxist) with the same set of delicious.

English Pensioner said...

I leave the matter of whether he has committed a crime to the NYPD and a US jury.
But I would like to know how a public official can justify staying in a hotel suite at $3000 per night, and why his political masters allow it to happen.