Friday, 10 June 2011

Blair hasn't grown in wisdom

Blair was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. His wife Cherry has always been the one with the brains. Yet I suppose there's there's always the lingering hope that if he spends enough time in the proximity of clever and wise people that some of it might rub-off. The reports of his most recent interview for the Times (£) suggest it hasn't worked, and that the man hasn't grown in wisdom at all. The more he tries to wear the toga of a Statesman, the more he appears a naive, silly and crass little man with unformed and jejune opinions so asinine that no respectable journal should give them much heed, the more he draws attention to his own failure. 

Margaret Thatcher of course was a consummate Statesman of a competence recognised across the political spectrum and Blair squats in her shadow like a pygmy. The Telegraph piece quotes her final book Statecraft, “that such an unnecessary and irrational project as building a European superstate was ever embarked upon will seem in future years to be perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era.”. Folly. Foolish. Failure. Blair. 


Anonymous said...

I like your description of Blair Raedwald...

A friend of mine who is interested in vintage wireless and has a museum of these devices...

...uses a very nice put-down for people like this; he says...

"This might be the set bought by a 'successful greengrocer' from Southend".

Lots of dosh, made in a sometimes underhanded manner, but absolutely no taste or decorum.

Anonymous said...

From ban the bomb trot' and rolling Stones wannabe to neocon warmonger, non of these 'suits' fitted.
Cherie could see in him, what no other could, a frontispiece, good with the spiel and little else.
Blair is constantly rattling on about 'vision' [because it sounds good] and that he's a 'progressive' [whatever that means - sounds good to Socialist misfits].
Blair, dresses his 'vision' up in legalese guff but he was always a talker and never a doer, so he is incapable of real 'vision', all he did was to crib other people's [mainly vacuous, venal, or stupid] ideas and when the game was up, he couldn't let the wife do the talking for him.
More annoyingly, who is this inveterate liar to pontificate on religion or, morals and ethics, he patently has no clue?
No clue, unforgiveably, at least Bush visited the wounded troops, Blair never could bring himself to do the same - perhaps underneath there is a conscience and, or guilt?

As you say Raedwald, all he does now, is exhibit what a poor grasp he holds on almost, all topics or any subject.
He's still the little boy lost, the one with the guitar in his hand.... pity Cherie couldn't have done the same with him, ie, lose him.

What is amazing, is how did he fool the electorate not once but three times?

Robert said...

He makes Harold Wilson seem like a giant of the left. Wilson did one good thing. He kept us out of the Viet Nam war. Pity he wasn't Prime Minister in 2003.

James Higham said...

Blair was always just the cog in the machine fulfilling his part of the agenda. It's Jim Hacker without the niceness.