Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Is Blackpool the price of cheap gas?

I've no idea whether Dan Cruikshank is one of the dozens of the self-important with superinjunctions in place, but we have an acquaintance in common and as a result I rarely watch his programmes. I did catch briefly a few minutes of Cruikshank on Wentworth Woodhouse, though, best known to me not for its marble floors but as an example of the spite of Socialism. The Fitzwilliams of Wentworth Woodhouse were enlightened mine-owners, deeply concerned with the welfare of their employees and their families in an old-fashioned paternalistic manner, active investors in the community, local leaders, and rooted amongst the people of the area. In short, they were everything that Statist socialists loathed. Manny Shinwell, lauded as a saint by the left, was actually a bitter, bigoted and thoroughly nasty little shit shot-through with all the cruelties of communism. As coal minister in an act of class-war spite he ordered the opening of a new open-cast coal mine to destroy the Fitzwilliams' estate, to mine 'right up to their back door'. In vain did the local miners and the Yorkshire NUM protest to Clement Atlee that the Fitzwilliams were OK, and rather popular actually. In vain did the NCB tell Shinwell that the coal was of poor quality and not worth mining. The excavators and wagons moved in and destroyed the estate. If I ever come across Shinwell's grave I'll happily piss on his bones. 

And so to Blackpool. 'Fracking' for shale gas near Blackpool has been suspended as scientists suspect that the process has caused two minor earthquakes in the town. Shinwell of course would have shrugged and been happy to bury Blackpool and its residents under six feet of rubble in the cause of 'socialist progress' but he and his kind are no longer in power. Whatever your views of the value of Blackpool, this is good news for our respect for private property. It has rightly usually been a difficult, prolonged and expensive process in the UK to over-ride individual property rights to build a new rail line, motorway or airport, but to see the benefits of such obstacles you only have to look at North Korea, East Germany, Cuba or Russia to see how ephemeral and valueless are the results of the vindictive destruction of property for the sake of demonstrating the State's ownership of everything. 


Barnacle Bill said...

Socialism is like a cancer, it destroys those it infects, whilst also causing them to lash out against all those around them.

As for the fracking of our shale gas reserves, it's one of those American imported practices that has been allowed to develop with-out proper controls; nor with any meaningful research into it's affects upon the environment.
All driven by that important agenda - the bottom line - more profits.

Yew Knee On Baron said...

From the "Guide to Great Glaswegians" ::

Shinwell, Emmanuel (Manny) [Born: October 18, 1884, London - Died: May 8, 1986, xx]

Emanuel Shinwell (familiarly known as Manny) was born in London, but moved with his Jewish family to Scotland. He was a Trade Union official and Labour politician and was one of the leading figures of Red Clydeside.

Early career and trade union activities Shinwell began his working life as a machinist in a clothing workshop. In 1903 he became active in the Amalgamated Union of Clothing Operatives, and joined the Glasgow Trades Council in 1906 as a delegate of that union.

In May 1911, he was seconded to help organise the seamen of Glasgow at the request of J. Havelock Wilson of the National Sailors' and Firemen's Union (NSFU). He played a prominent role in the six-week Glasgow seamen's strike which began on 14 June and which was part of a nation-wide strike movement. He subsequently became the secretary of the Glasgow branch of the NSFU. In August 1912, he participated in a revolt against the union, which resulted in the Glasgow branch becoming part of the Southampton-based British Seafarers' Union (BSU). He was the local secretary of the BSU until it became part of the Amalgamated Marine Workers' Union (AMWU) in 1922, after which he served as National Organiser of the new organisation.

In 1919, he gained national notoriety through his involvement in the Glasgow 40 Hours' Movement. This movement culminated in clashes between police and protesters in Glasgow's George Square. He was afterwards tried for incitement to riot and was sentenced to five months' imprisonment.

Political career An Independent Labour Party (ILP) member, he became a Member of Parliament in 1922, lost his seat in 1924, but was re-elected to the House of Commons in 1928. He became a critic of Ramsay MacDonald's National Government and in 1931 he lost his seat. He returned to the Commons in 1935, where after he campaigned vigorously, along with left-wingers such as Aneurin Bevan for the United Kingdom to support the Popular Front government in Spain against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. He became chairman of the Labour Party in 1942.

He served in Clement Attlee's government after the Labour victory in 1945. As Minister of Fuel and Power, he presided over the nationalisation of the mining industry. In 1947, Britain experienced a severe coal shortage. He was widely criticised for his failure to avert this crisis. Shortly afterards he took up the position of Secretary of State for War which he held until 1950.

Shinwell was made Baron Shinwell in 1970 and died in 1986. ::

Pity this lot contains no info on the whereabouts of his grave.

Robert said...

The state owns the right to oil, gas, coal, gold and silver on or under your property.

If they want it they will get it. As fracking takes place under the property they can take it without directly accessing your land.

This is not the case in the US where property owners have been well rewarded by the gas companies buying the mineral rights.

Elby the Beserk said...

Geothermal in Germany also causing quakes.

Shale oil and gas. There's enough to supply the planet, they reckon, for 150 to 200 years. More than enough time to sort alternatives to carbon fuel. Will the EcoFascist/EcoMentalists let it happen - not if they can help it.

Single Acts of Tyranny said...

It is becoming clear thay the very last thing environmentalists want is any power at all, clean or otherwise, they seem to hark to the Rousseau primitivism, with themselves as tribal chiefs of course

Anonymous said...

What have these people got against humans? It seems everything takes precedence over 'man'. So what if the clown fish 'might' go deaf if predictions of CO2 output continue to rise (although no prediction the IPCC have made has come true so far).

Does the clown fish have a higher priority than man?

No-one condones deliberate acts of environmental vandalism but are we seriously suggesting that allowing the elderly to freeze to death in winter because there is no cheap source of energy is an acceptable solution? Fracking can be done practically anywhere if the reports of shale deposits are reliable so WTF are they doing drilling under a town/city? Besides, if man has the capability to 'manufacture' an earthquake I'll eat my shreddies (hate 'em).

James Higham said...

I know that Shinwell type and it allows of no one's righteousness but its own vindictive version, utterly devoid of humour.

If we want to go back in history, it's "yon Cassius, with that lean and hungry look". There was a picture in Jeffrey Archer's book about Westminster politics and it had Angus fronting the union bosses, prior to being dismissed and Shinwell was exactly the type, taken by his own power to destroy.

A really little man, despite whatever his physical stature was. Spiteful. Plague upon the type.

It's a very dangerous game once you start down that path of not respecting a person's property and the Shinwells are the type who leap in, having produced nothing of their own, and claim ownership of the new public property.

Anonymous said...

The state owns nothing. It is we who have given it the power, and the money, to lord it over us. Its time to put a stop to it.