Saturday, 2 July 2011

Europe is not the European Union

You must have noticed that when EUphiles and Fedarists are called upon to say something positive about the EU, all they can ever come up with are the many positives that rightly belong to Europe and exist completely independently without the EU. Architecture and culture? Music and fashion? Sleek motor cars? The rail networks? Glorious food and drink? Superlative literature? Stunning landscapes? All are defining factors of the continent and its constituent nations, not of the evil Behemoth that is robbing us of so many good things. Yet the EUphiles will without shame claim them all for the EU. The Polish PM Donald Tusk does exactly this when he proclaims "The European Union is great. It is the best place on Earth to be born and to live your life."

No Herr Tusk. Europe is great. It is the best place on Earth to be born and to live your life. And would be better still without the insufferable arrogance of the EU and its nomenklatura


Anonymous said...

The EU political claque spend much time and money on telling us what a great thing it [the EU] is.
It seems, they do propound and promulgate overly much - they themselves know it's bullshit.

Why do we put up with this shit???

For the life of me, I cannot think of one tangible benefit accrued - that 40 years of living and working in this [increasingly debilitating] hellish dictatorship has brought to me or my family.
It's been downhill since 1972 and now, I [in darker moments] think that a withdrawal from this living hell is impossible, the nomenklatura are everywhere and pervade and infest the establishment, civil service and [most importantly] local government and it is in local government where the strings are pulled the hardest, This is deliberate micro-managing and crafty EU policy - tight control works better at the bottom - look at the Police force! - who controls them? - exactly.
The recent test case of: weekly bin collections between Westminster 'town council' and the powerful tyrannical robber barons of the Town and Metropolitan councils, proved beyond doubt who holds the reins of power.
If we are to leave [the EU slave galley], their [local, central gov' and councils] stranglehold needs to be effaced, wiped out totally.

Anonymous said...

The EU ruling elite believe that the EU is the reincarnation of the Roman Empire and Holy Roman Empire (Treaty of Rome), and thus claim that they are the rightful heirs to the all of the above.

Anonymous said...

Hint to the EU

One way of getting more money directly for the EU, is to charge entrance fee for all historic places in Europe, as these rightfully belong to the EU, which is the rightful heir to the Roman and the Holy Roman empire.

Also all roads in Europe were once Roman roads, and thus rightfully belong to the EU. Again, they can be tolled for the EU treasury.

Budgie said...

Raedwald you are right - the EU controllers deliberately conflate the EU with Europe to confuse. However it is possible to use this against europhiles (I do) because they can be laughed at as ignorant. It does work.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

This propaganda unfortunately runs deep, and has deceived those who really ought to know better.

Just the other day a good friend - a scientist, rational, thoughtful, well-read, totally sound on the Global Warming scam (and a yachtsman to boot) - told me in all seriousness that he didn't mind the EU because at least it has kept the peace in Europe for the last sixty years.

Where to start?