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Saturday, 30 July 2011

It's Hayek, innit?

If you question a raggamuffin 'yoof' on economics these days, don't be surprised if he answers "Yea it's 'bout Keynes and Hayek, innit?". It's all libertarian-funding free market billionaire Charles Koch's fault; his latest venture was funding and commissioning the video below. Do watch - it's really rather good. And look for von Mises in a cameo role in the ring as Hayek's cutman ...


Sean said...

Well it must be working, one of mine told be a joke doing the rounds at school...Have you heard the one about the New Labour, Blair, Brown Happy meal at McDonalds? you order what you want and as much as you want and the guy behind you pays for it.

And not just economic awareness but alcohol awareness too, only yesterday he told me that Amy Winehouse had left a million pounds in her will, all you have to do is take the bottles back to the off licence to collect the deposits.

That one also included a little bit of social history he must be aware off.

Greg Tingey said...

The unspeakable vile crook attemting to return to slavery conditions and who funds vast anti-GW lies?

Really nasty piece of work.