Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lunatic Brown's malady lingers

Just when I thought the image of that idiotic gurning face would start to leave me unmoved some snippet intrudes to revive all my anger and loathing for that incompetent halfwit. Foreigners who have paid half a million to hear him deliver speeches in the past year can't be expected to know any better, and in a way the fatuous lump of Scots lard is doing more for his country now than he ever did either as Britain's worst ever Chancellor or as the nations most maladroit Prime Minister for a century. The ire this morning is prompted by the column-end prod from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard this morning;
For those readers holding devalued sterling, all I can say is that this reflects the terrible damage done over the course of a decade by Gordon Brown:
His credit bubble: 120pc mortgages, and other lunacies. His fiscal bubble: a deficit of 3pc of GDP at the top of the cycle when Spain for example was in 2pc surplus, mostly wasted on unreformed public services.
Currencies can take the strain to reflect the utter idiocy of political leaders. That is the beauty of them. Unfortunately for Spain and Italy, they have a German currency. Not their own.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes Raedwald... Maladroit... I have been trying to find place for Brown in my list of worst prime ministers, but Heath, Attlee, Blair, Major and Cameron keep getting in the way...

Adding maladroit to the treachery, easily qualifies him, and I guess Major can be added to that one too.

Just a minute... those two didn't become PM after any general election, they were both creatures that emerged from the back of the murky cave, blinking in the daylight, and both with a specific and unnatural deed to enact.

DeeDee99 said...

It isn't just the faultof the Moron though; Bliar left him in place in the Treasury to wreak his damage for 10 years and then stood aside and watched him become PM - as did the rest of the Labour Party.

Then there is the Media. Which praised his stewardship of the economy and talked up his abilities as an economist.

And finally, there are the ignorant people who voted Labour. I can understand why in 1997 and possibly in 2003, but 2007 is beyond me!

Words cannot describe how much I hate both Blair and Brown for what they have done to this country.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"I can understand why in 1997 and possibly in 2003, but 2007 is beyond me!"

They'll vote Labour again in 2011, if the bbc manages to drag Cameron down.

Just you wait and see.

Greg Tingey said...

right_writes is even further off the beam than you, R, I'm afraid.
Your original quote was:
"the nations most maladroit Prime Minister for a century"

Neville Chamberlian, Anthony Eden, Brown, Blair, Cameron - in that order.

Incidentally, I'm not sure that Chamberlain deserved all the blame he got.

A revised list of the worst PM's we ever had at ANY time might then read:
Lord North, Eden, Chamberlian, Brown, Blair, Wilson, Cameron.

Though Cameron might be moving "up" the list - scary, isn't it?

formertory said...

We're paying the price for having a system in which the PM is elected by the party in power - a process in which "media appeal" is assuming greater and greater importance.

Anonymous said...

@Greg Tingey…

I am not sure how you can ignore the treachery coupled with the spinelessness of Heath. This is the traitor that sold Britain into an antidemocratic dictatorship for less than a mess of potage… Note that he also declared that there was no such thing as a "common fisheries policy" even though Norway had backed out for that reason, he stuffed the newspapers with letters from non-existent "Colnel Blimps" who all mysteriously supported the "common market", he declared that he would only take the UK into the "common market" if he had a "substantial" majority in the commons…. That substantial majority was 8! He could not even carry 30 of his own supporters.

Attlee, squandrered the post war loan(s) that the US made on turning the nation into his version of a socialist paradise, and no PM after had the nerve (until Margaret Thatcher) to tempt to put things right, though I would agree she mostly failed. Transferring ownership from the state to one of the state's corporate buddies IS NOT privatisation.

Major was another traitor, who put us into the pre-cursor to monetary union (EMR) and then when we crashed out he immediately tried again by signing up to Maastricht without reference to the voters.

Talk about myself and Raedwald being way off beam!!!

James Higham said...

Too many people are looking at the terrible job Cameron's doing and forget the utter devastation wrought by Brown, whilst saving the world.

Elby the Beserk said...

Blair, and indeed, the whole Labour Party are culpable for inflicting Brown us. They knew he was unfit for high (any) office, yet waved him into Number 10.

Greg Tingey said...

DON'T start me on the madwoman from Grantham!
She instuted the insane policy of defnce cuts - which got us the Falkland War...
And then carried on with the cuts thereafter.
And every PM since has followed this traitorous course.

Anonymous said...

Heath started the real rot, we stopped being a nation post 72.

opinion prole said...

Isn't it obvious by now that 'professional' politicians haven't a clue how to run a country in a businesslike fashion? Look at the heads of the three major parties; great at rhetoric and stirring up schoolyard hysterics but where's the beef? What have these clowns actually done in real life before politics? Would you want any of them to run an airline or a pharmaceutical company? Why should they be any good at running a whole country? Why do we allow such unqualified, inexperienced people to hold the levers of power when the economic results have been so devastatingly awful for all to see?

Greg Tingey said...

IN 1972 the Eu was a good idea - I voted for it.
We should have been in at the start - but the idot Eden kept us out - allowing a De Gaulle/Adenauer carve-up.

HOWEVER, since then, the EU has changed and become a monster - it wasn't then, and needn't have been.

That then-good idea has turned very bad, and I believe we should withdraw.
Please don't mke judgements of yesterdays' circumstances on today's information and circumstances.

Anne Istorian said...

Interesting comments. People do seem to forget quickly, so I would not be surprised to find Labour voters returning Red Ed should Cameron fall. What is not widely realised is Labour's link with the Fabians, a group who supported the eugenic movement (and still do). Eugenics is a psuedo-scientific theory based on a desire to engineer society and 'improve' the species - they have nothing but contempt for the white working class. When Beveridge introduced child benefits and launched the welfare state he actually proposed a sliding scale of payments giving less to those at the bottom of the social heap and more to middle class families to discourage the former from 'breeding' (a nasty eugenics word...sorry) and to encourage the latter. Horrid. And Red Ed is a Fabian...makes you think.