Sunday, 10 July 2011

The most hated woman in Britain

The pictures, snatched flash-lit shots through the tinted windows of a limo, showed the strain on Rebekah Wade's face; the predator had become the prey. There is a fitting parallel with the same shots of newly-convicted paedos or terrorists snatched through the tinted windows of the prison van, the staple diet of the Murdoch press. Wade wears exactly the same expression for the unexpected camera as have a score of child-murderers or unexploded Jihadists. There's one difference. This time it's not a Murdoch title that has made Rebekah Wade the Most Hated Woman in Britain; it's, erm, largely the Guardian. 

Greater love hath no proprietor than he lays down the life of a successful title for the love of his Chief Executive. And this will backfire. Next Sunday, when the stacks of papers in the newsagents are one short, when the substitutes the People and the Mirror are flung across three million sofas in disgust and disappointment, is a day when Ms Wade would be best advised to be at least 3,000 miles from Britain. Scores of pusillanimous MPs have discovered they actually have a backbone, and are writhing about in mock indignation like eels in a bucket; they will align themselves (of course) with the mob on this one. Last week they would have cringed, fawned and drunk their own warm urine for two favourable column inches in the Screws. 

And you can forget all the high-sounding platitudes you will read today; 'this is a victory for truth and justice' or 'today there is no place for wrongdoing in British journalism'. Piffle. Today is a victory for the inchoate fury of the mob. The Guardian won't sell a single extra paper. The MSM will continue the trend set by Ms Wade to turn the Murdoch papers into D-list showbiz comics and the others will follow. If 'today is a victory' for anything at all it's hypocrisy, self-serving and spinelessness. The Screws was a British institution, as familiar and comfortable as a K6 phone box or a Routemaster bus. And that bloody woman ruined it. 



john miller said...

She's the spitting image of George Jeffreys.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't she be wearing a seatbelt? When I forgot to do that the police pulled me over.

Greg Tingey said...

Any hope of the entire Murdoch clan being designated Persona non grata in the UK?

Anonymous said...

Watch 'em squirm.
Soon like all weasels they will atsrt the threaten to grass each other up to save their own butts game,

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, I do think she [Mz Wade] did for the NOTW.
The [if it can be called that] editorial line went down to far into the gutter - with her in charge, she just wasn't up to the job, like many of her ilk.
D list celebs obsession - got it in one Raewald.

I watched a bit of Miliband [very] Minor, on Marr's crap programme - what a pair of divs, the sancitimonious prattle made me want to vomit.

Enough!! I am heartily sick of the whole thing - it is a storm in a teacup, so many more important things to muse upon and indeed - worry about.

Anonymous said...

Anon is right on here.

There is no telling in which direction this witchfinding mentality will turn.

I hope it turns on a hypocritical Labour party that had their little Hitlers in town councils snooping on the general public.

After this our governments will think twice about hacking into our e-mails.

Blue'n'Bramble said...

That's what happens when you put a woman in charge.

Greg Tingey said...

Like M. Thatcher, you mean?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

The politicians are wetting themselves because this gives them a mob-sanctioned excuse to clamp down on the press.

Once that's achieved, it's back to the trough, piggies.

And next time you won't ever find out about it.

They are worse than Rebecca whatshername. Nobody HAD to buy the NotW. We all HAVE to pay for the politicians.

Bob Doney said...

For goodness' (!!!) sake. The NOTW was always a trashy rag only fit to wrap chips on a Monday. It ruined countless lives. Good bloody riddance!

However, what is more interesting is the way pervy ole Rupe is looking after his protegee. With a bit of luck she'll take the whole Empire down with her. Not sure whether it's going to be Sophocles or Aristophanes, but it will definitely be worth watching.

Anonymous said...

God should have given her small feet,then perhaps she could have remained closer to the kitchen sink rather than striding rough shod into the Murdoch media cesspool!