Saturday, 30 July 2011

RAF Typhoons to target Media City?

RAF Typhoons armed with precision weapons could soon be tasked to destroy the BBC's Media City in Salford if the government's moral reasoning is applied universally; justifying this morning the destruction of Libyan TV broadcasting facilities, NATO spokesman Col Levoie said:
Our intervention was necessary as TV was being used as an integral component of the regime apparatus designed to systematically oppress and threaten civilians and to incite attacks against them
What, like this, you mean?


Greg Tingey said...

Two points.

1] A lot of people keep going on and on about the "left/marxist BBC" - something for which I see no evidence, but then I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
However, everyone seems to have missed a very significant OMISSION in the BBC's news output recently.
A majoir speech by the Irish PM was completely ignored.
Enda Kenny, effectivey told the RC church to obey Irish law, or get out.
As the NSS have noticed, the BBC, with the vile catholic crawler Patten in charge, crefully ignored the whole thing.

So perhaps the BBC IS biased, but not in the way you imagine.

I have noticed, on the "Today" programme, that, unlike when politicians appear (they are given a good grilling) if a religious supposed "leader" or spokesbeing shows up, they are all handled with kid-golves and deference.
It's quite sickening.

2] TV licensing - don't!
I had to throw one of their petty-fascist "Inspectors" off my property earlier this month.

Anonymous said...

Auntie plays some good tunes
Lighten up!

Sean said...

9 years and still not paying. I gave up paying after the infamous question time after 9/11.

If you cant have security gates and a perimeter alarmed fence, with two wolfdogs, Stanley and George roaming on the outside, and three excitable Westies on the inside.

Then you will need a kill switch for the TV/Sat amp. If its off when they come in with a search warrant to inspect your TV equipment, then you are in the clear and they dont have a case.

Over the past 9 years they have come in twice and the last time was 2008, so they seem to have given up and moved on to easier cases.

Prior to your visit by Capita and a miffed police officer wishing he was doing something else, one of their kids will try and call and make stuff up that you are watching live TV news and he heard it through a open window, this is the basis off getting the warrant. Keep an eye out for the card.

The TV detector stuff is serious junk, ignore it.

No need for weapons Mr R. A kill switch and a sense of humour will bust the BBC

Thornavis said...


Good point but you're really not supposed to say anything unkind about religion around here, didn't you know, for example, that the EU is an atheist plot ?

Gallovidian said...

Since the BBC is publicly funded and a public service, we are entitled to know that we are provided with the best service possible, therefore BBC workers and subcontractors should be routinely drug tested and the results published.

Edward Spalton said...

Memories are short.

"The international community" used the same excuse to bomb the TV station in Belgrade, killing many of the staff. The excuse was that it was broadcasting "hate propaganda".

The NATO/EU hate propaganda, sexed up by Alastair Campbell and Peter Mandelson, was so effective that many people continue to believe in the unique wickedness of Serbs to this day.
The "international community" spent many fruitless months hunting round Kosovo for mass graves which didn't exist. Yet people still believe in them.

For an independent view of the atrocities of both sides at Srebrenica, Google the Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie. Yet the BBC, mainstream media and the EU continue to peddle the "7,000 Muslims massacred" story.

So, yes, TV is a very powerful medium which can be wielded as a weapon of war. So it can become a target in itself.

Anonymous said...

of course the BBC is biassed.

Have you heard anything nice said about the Israelis over the past few years? What about the exclusion of David Bellamy? And haven't you realised that the Grauniad is the newspaper arm of the BBC? Notsurprising since the bulk of their advertising for staff is in the Grauniad? Try biassed bbc for more information.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is biased simply by the ommission of certain news stories. So if this is your main source of news you wont even know youve been had.

Greg Tingey said...

That's funny, I thought the EU was a Catholic Plot, actually .....