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Sunday, 24 July 2011

The rationality of evil

Breivik's killing of almost 100 people may earn him as little as 10 years jail time. Although the maximum sentence in Norway is 21 years (with prisoners normally released on parole after a third of this) there is a substantial 'discount' for a guilty plea; as this Domstol publication says " The criteria for entering judgment on a guilty plea is that the accused makes an unreserved confession supported by the evidence in the case. In such cases the sentencing framework cannot exceed ten years, and the accused must concur with the procedure. These cases are heard by a single professional judge." 

However, there seems to be a further recourse called 'containment', used where a prisoner is deemed a danger to society with a likelihood of further violent crimes if released, a maximum period of 21 years can also be used, with a minimum time before parole of 10 years. 

Brievik is 32. If he serves a full 21 years he will be out when he's 53 - with half a life ahead of him. I think this puts the rationality of his acts into perspective. Not a crazed man at the end of his tether but rather an evil man who plotted these horrors with complete rationality.

But even Brievik doesn't shake my opposition to the death penalty; even his life is sacred, and is not ours to take. 


James Higham said...

Death penalty is an interesting one. Problem might be its misuse in the coming times.

Anonymous said...

I broadly agree with your sentiment regarding the death penalty EXCEPT in cases where it is so obvious and so evil.

InF said...

The 10 year addition can be added repeatedly, amounting effectively to a true life sentence. And before you ask, I'm sitting in Norway, and this has unsurpisingly been a major topic of conversation, though burning at the stake has come up as well.

Angry Exile said...

Hell's bells! Martin Bryant got 35 life sentences plus several hundred years worth of concurrent sentences for lesser charges, and no parole or time off for good behaviour. On the other hand from the comment above it does sound like they could give him 90 x 10 years and chuck the key away if they want.

Tend to agree about the death penalty, though as much because I don't trust the state with it as anything else. There's also the thought that Bryant is going off his rocker (or even more off his rocker) and has apparently tried to commit suicide several times. Prison is supposedly becoming a mental torture to him but they won't let him get out of it by killing himself - if true then what he's got is the more severe punishment anyway.

Anonymous said...

Dead he is a martyr and alive he is a rallying point.
Who to - the far right and the anti immigration groups. So he will achieve his end.

Anonymous said...

Have not Daily Mail Readers thought about hanging the entire previous Labour Cabinet, (after a fair trail of course), for betraying the UK? The no-go areas, the young girls groomed, the intimidation and fear on the streets.

This man realised the ideology of Islam is destroying his country, seeing that the betrayers are the socialists.

Labour in the UK knew what they were doing and to protect themselves created powers for car park attendants and traffic wardens to become Civil Enforcement Officers to spy on its citizens.

I call this "White Man rage", as it is madness, the very few remaining that will not be enslaved.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

If someone on the socialist paradise island had been able to shoot the guy there and then, we wouldn't be having this debate, and probably fewer would have died.

Just saying.