Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Two polls .....

Belgium has now followed France in banning the burqa. No doubt there is overwhelming public support for the move in both countries, but before we look at how well this move, long advocated by a large part of the MSM, is supported in the UK, it's worth pointing out that burqa-wearers have long enjoyed strong support amongst the libertarian blogosphere, which has long opposed any moves to restrict freedom of dress - anyone's dress - by law. The last poll I can find was by Yougov, with fieldwork on the 11th and 12th April this year;
The burqa should be banned in Britain
Agree: 67%
Disagree:  27%
DK: 6%
Libertarians will probably already ascribe the results to an Islamophobia stirred up by the dominant left-wing media, and curiously British people also seem themselves to be aware just who has been responsible for whipping up Islamophobia in the UK; a poll by Comres with fieldwork between the 8th and 10th of July asked the question:  
Which one of the following groups, if any, do you think is most to blame for Islamophobia, fear of Islam, in the UK?
The media: 29%
Muslims abroad: 14%
Far right political groups (e.g. BNP): 13%
UK Muslims: 11%
Politicians and government 10%
The police: 1%
Other: 4%
So, some 39% think that the political class - the media, politicians and government - are responsible for whipping up Islamophobia. Who'd have thunk it. And you certainly won't read either of these poll results in the MSM this week. 


Ol' Tom Warne said...

Oy no that word 'responsibility' 'az become popular theez dayz but oy think 'at you've sussed at wrong boh. Noobuddy 'makes' peepel hate i'slam and the parkistaanis 'cept the'selves. Watcha reckon?

Tuddy-boi fer now

James Higham said...

This is the constant distortion which is put about. I've just mentioned people who call islamophobia "racism". It proceeds apace.

Blue Eyes said...

I'm sure that banning the Burkha will solve all sorts of social problems... not. If we are going to get into banning items of clothing, the baseball cap should be first, quickly followed by trousers that are allowed to fall below the hips.

An interesting Norwegian commentator on telly last night made the point that the assimilation of newcomers was only part "cultural" and part due to the newcomers often never having lived in a city before. I had never thought of it in that way.

Gallovidian said...

I'd rather have a hundred White Muslims in the country than one non-white Christian.

After all, you can change your religion in a second....

Greg Tingey said...

A Phonia is DEFINED as an irrational fear.
Suppose one has a rational, well-founded fear, in this case of some ( a minority, but with a loud voice, and very scary criminal behaviour ) sections of a named group?

"Religious believers" is the group, in case you were wondering ....
Muslims are merely a special case of the overall group.

john problem said...

I hope they're not thinking of banning hoodies. That would be a gross invasion of me inalienable rights. Nor baggy jeans. Nor enormous sneakers. Nor me bottle of water (or whatever, eh?) Nor tattoos.
Everybody's gotta have a religion, right?

nisakiman said...

"Anonymous Gallovidian said...

I'd rather have a hundred White Muslims in the country than one non-white Christian.

After all, you can change your religion in a second....

26 July 2011 18:07"

What the fuck has skin colour got to do with anything? Fanatical ideology is the problem, regardless of where those who preach it come from.

And with regards "changing your religion in a second", I take it that you're unaware of the punishment for apostasy in Islam.

But to get back on topic; the burqa / chador is a difficult area. I naturally reject banning anything unnecessarily, and clothing is something that should be a personal choice. The problems start when normal, base-level security comes into the equation. How can one sensibly apply any kind of immigration control, for instance, if the passport shows a picture of someone in a burqa, and the person presenting that passport is similarly clad? It makes a total mockery of any attempt at 'control'.