Sunday, 21 August 2011

Hugh Orde's fantasy uniform

The Mail gives full coverage of Hugh Orde's fantasy uniform - with 'made up plastic badge' - one which he has no right in law to wear, and which should earn him a disciplinary from the Police Service of Northern Ireland for breach of their uniform regulations. Below on the right is how Orde has been appearing in public in the run-up to submitting his job application to the Met. On the left is how he should be dressed.

ACPO's weasel response to the Mail - "The president of ACPO wears the uniform of a Chief Constable because they hold that rank in law" - does not accurately reflect the requirements of s.96 of the Police Reform Act 2002:-
If a person who holds the office of constable becomes the president of the Association of Chief Police Officers of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, he shall, while he is the president of that Association—
(a) Continue to hold the office of constable; and
(b) hold that office with the rank of Chief Constable (my underlining)
In other words, Orde remains a constable in the PSNI with the rank of Chief Constable and is subject to that force's uniform regulations. 

It may seem a minor point, but consider that if the man can't resist this fantasy dressing-up when just a candidate for Met Commissioner, what Ruritanian uniform embellishments will he be unable to resist if appointed? London could be the laughing-stock of the world with a Commissioner dressed like Idi Amin ...


lilith said...

Small wonder he has ideas above his station

Anonymous said...

They would blend in very well at the fancy dress party that I attended yesterday.

Mind you... They were a weird lot too!

Someonewhoknows said...

Personally, I take the view that Hugh Orde's dress-sense is far too conservative for him to be Commissioner of the Met. He has clearly missed an opportunity here - what about a frock coat? Why not a silk top hat adorned with peacock feathers?

Elby the Beserk said...

He really is the most odious little shit. And that's being kind.

Just popping in said...

Lil's link seems to be not working. Is the station in question Liverpool Street?