Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Today is the day London's citizens must regain control of their city from the lawless scum - the police can't cope, and tonight promises further anarchy and lawlessness unless we act. If we had a PM with an ounce of leadership, he would ask us to register today at our local police stations, open the MOD depots and issue overalls, shields and batons. We don't need handcuffs; heavy duty electrical ties are very effective restraints. With sections of eight or ten citizens each under the command of a police officer with a radio link, we could be deployed in our home boroughs to defend lives and property from the feral scum. 

The time for Mr Nice Guy has gone. These thugs understand only brutality and coercion - so let them have it. Councils should be constructing barbed-wire fenced holding centres in the parks as we'll run out of police cells before long. No more rewards. No more left-wing fatuous nonsense about 'deprivation'. It's greed and criminality, pure and simple. And if it needs beating out of their woolly skulls with hickory batons, let's get to it. 


Cromwell said...

I have no illusions as to the "leadership" skills of camoron, legg, hague and may are hopeless. So I expect no sensible response.

If this level of life endangerment of civilians continues into the evening I can foresee vigilante groups taking matters into their hands-and who could blame them.

Derek said...

"Shoot them where they stand; lock them in a park; beat the crap out of them".

I am disappointed in such comments, they show the type of reaction most desired by authority - to embrace more authority. Personal discipline comes from within and starts with personal respect. But being given none by any other, they will have none to begin with.

These events have been brewing for decades. The causes are governments unwilling to listen to people despite their lies to the contraryand their willingness to reap personal rewards from tax-payers through consultain and expenses. Add; Indiginous peoples and cultures invaded and diluted from abroad; Jobs evaporating in manufacturing and pride of workmanship through multifarious means - health and safety being just one - and the mould is cast.

It may be the young in the forefront as they have little future and little to lose. Most over the age of thirty will not be willing to risk a family and home, but as with the older generations, will feel some kind of sympathy with the rail against authority. Example: http://captainranty.blogspot.com/2011/08/norman-scarth-needs-our-help.html
What would Norman Scarth done - shot them on sight, and lived to regret? 'There' is the imbalance and nonsense that has become this land, and it's all been deliberately planned as such. This man with service to his country done, is now incarcerated for six months for recording a court appearance.

You are following their script. Smash'em and bash'em. You are part of the problem.

tomsmith said...

The above comment is exactly correct. It is possible to despise the violence against property being done by the rioters without running to the state and demanding that this small rebellion be crushed using the power of illegitimate central state authority.

You are doing exactly what they want you to do.

Mr Ecks said...

If you want to organise to stop these thugs then get together with your neighbours (as some in London already have). Leave the state out of it. The state has caused the conditions for this mess. Trying to make the state part of the solution will help them to destroy you. The previous commenters are right: what you are proposing is exactly what the state wants--more power. If you want to fight the rioting scum do so--but leave the political trash and their cop henchmen out of it. They are part of the problem not any solution.

Blue Eyes said...

The law still enables a magistrate to swear in Special Constables by the thousand, not that it would be necessary to do so. We all have the power, nay the duty, to protect people and property and to uphold the Queen's peace and to use force to prevent or disrupt the commissioning of a criminal offence.

However there does need to be some organisation.

Anonymous said...

Blue Eyes - indeed. We all have the power of citizen's arrest and a big enough group could do it.

tomsmith said...

No need for magistrates or any justification in terms of "Queen's peace". If people act together in order to prevent the looting and destruction of their legitimate property then they have done nothing wrong. If they will not act until the state grants them the office of special little constable and gives them a costume and badge then something is wrong with them.

Raedwald said...

I should add that batons should be brought down with force on collarbones only; a rioter with one or both collarbones broken is incapable of further violence, but indisputably alive. Hitting blacks on the head has little effect 90% of the time, but one in ten will die from such treatment. Which is a no-no. So 'thwack!' and 'crack!' as their vulnerable collarbones shatter.

This lesson was taught to me by my late father, whose Battalion was criticised by Barbara Castle for not properly applying the collarbone rule to murderous rioters in Cyprus in the '50s.

Raedwald said...
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