Friday, 12 August 2011

More common sense on local policing

More common sense on local policing, this time from David Ruffley in the Telegraph;
Next, we need to create a new Police Reserve similar to the retained firefighters or Territorial Army. This would include the existing 18,421 special constables, and other public-spirited individuals, who would be paid for serving a minimum number of days per month. This reward – in cash or as a council tax rebate – could mirror that of retained firefighters, most of whom receive up to £2,821 a year, and an additional call-out fee of up to £12.88 per hour. Last year, the country employed 29,735 full-time firefighters and 11,899 auxiliaries – yet the auxiliaries cost only £130 million, out of a total cost of £1.64 billion.
One of the main attractions of a Police Reserve is that it would attract those with specialised skills: accountants could go into fraud squads, as special constables have in the City of London; telephone engineers and IT consultants in to cyber-crime units. Reservists could bolster neighbourhood policing teams, and provide the boots on the ground that will be needed in the event of more riots, and for the London Olympics. Crucially, this would make the police more representative of the public, giving new meaning to Peel’s dictum that “the police are the public and the public are the police”.
This is the sensible way not only to 'dilute' a growing cop-culture that is dividing the police from the rest of us - and costing them vital public support - but ensure that police remain local and not the State's private army. 


Greg Tingey said...

Brilliant idea.

Won't happen.

Did anyone else hear the vile H. Orde (titles imply HONOUR, and Orde has none) rabbitting on against Camoron on the radio this moring.
We're starting to get some interesting politicians vs Police counter-briefings.

Oh, and the pensioner in Ealing is dead.
He was assulted and beten up IN THE DIRECT VIEW OF A SO-CALLED POLICE "OFFICER".

Will said lazt 'bule be charged with Accessory Before the Fact to Murder?
Don't hold your breath.

Liberista said...

Local or no, Sir, the police IS the state private army.
that the police is there to protect the citizenry was always a lie. they dont, and will never have the structure, skills, size and resources to be able to do it. their task is to enforce the law, not to protect the citizenry. even in the era of real time communication and surveillance, cops arrive in time to interrupt a crime only in a tiny minority of case. so better to face reality. we are not protected, and have to right to protect ourselves.

Pirran said...

Greg Tingey said...

"Did anyone else hear the vile H. Orde (titles imply HONOUR, and Orde has none)"

I think H.oard implies something else...(and very appositely given his trough-like senior police contemporaries).

Blue Eyes said...

Apart from paying the new specials, what would the difference be?

Anonymous said...

It might be cheaper to hire certain ethnic groups to go 'undercover' and spy on each other.
A form of 'dane geld' but it might keep them busy and away from the original inhabitants.