Monday, 1 August 2011

Stupidity or Naivety?

The Royal Parks Agency aren't the first organisation to try to ask the public 'please take your litter home with you'; those infuriatingly moronic station platform drones that warn you that your luggage may be damaged or destroyed by the security service also ask the same thing. The result is invariably similar, as anyone with an ounce of nous could predict; people are reminded to jettison immediately whatever rubbish they have around their person. 

Look, the deal is simple. When we're out, we'll buy ice creams and burgers from your astonishingly overpriced franchises; we'll spend a fortune on cardboard containers that purport to contain coffee, we'll buy newspapers and magazines from your concession stands. All we ask in return is that you provide a sufficient number of large capacity rubbish receptacles around the place for us to dump the waste in. You must be either stupid or naive in the extreme to imagine that we're going to cart a festering putrescent burger wrapper all the way home to dispose of in our own over-regulated, prodnose monitored wheely bin.  

The Royal Parks Agency may be 'disgusted' that park users didn't take their rubbish home at the weekend. Park users, I suspect, are equally disgusted that the RPA didn't provide skips at all the park entrances for them to leave their rubbish in. As usual, it all comes down to the EU and their myopic and counterfactual policy on landfill. The answer to both the Royal Parks and rail companies fiscal costs is the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, not to transfer the costs of refuse disposal to householders and councils.   


Edward Spalton said...

Railway* stations are particularly annoying places in this respect. They took out all the litter bins because the IRA might put a bomb in one - and they haven't put them back,

So we have all the annoyance you talk about and NO OPPORTUNITY to put the litter generated by the food stalls and slot machines ANYWHERE but on the floor or into our pockets.

* BTW When did they become "train stations"?

Paul said...

Raedwald: The answer to both the Royal Parks and rail companies fiscal costs is the withdrawal of the UK from the EU...

Can you let me know when this will ever happen because the politicians are extremely determined not to put your wee solution into effect?

Gallovidian said...

The answer to the EU membership question is to either change the electorate or change the politicians.

The electorate seems to lack the guts to change the politicians.

The politicians however, are busy changing the electorate.

Blue Eyes said...

Yesterday evening while out jogging I saw a man tip over the barrier into the river a Sainsbury's bag containing - I am 99% sure - his dog's shit which had moments previously been deposited on the pavement.

pjt said...

I think you have slightly misunderstood something - EU does not prevent you from having sufficient landfill capacity. Where I live (Finland), things work out fairly nicely. Here the problem is mostly stupid local environmentalism that has stopped building incineration plants and that means that more stuff ends up in landfills.

The lack of capability by local councils is purely a matter of local incompetence and politics. From what I hear, different areas in Britain have vastly different levels of service.

Greg Tingey said...

Irrelevant answer.
Withdrawing from the EU may be a good idea, but erm ...

What's more it's very wasteful.
A set of stations like SELCHP (look it up) would be a much better idea

Peejos said...

With respect to Greg, we are NOT running out of landfill sites. We produce more holes in the landscape than we could fill each and every year. Quarrying is big business

JustJan said...

Hang on, I thought we sold all our rubbish to China, in large smelly boatloads, so they can make things with it and sell it back to us?

Raedwald said...

Greg - we are certainly not running out of landfill; landfill site creation is outpacing disposal at the rate of 42 million cubic metres a year.

See my definitive post on this

Edward Spalton said...

Dr Richard North (eureferendum,, a former Environmental Health Officer, would agree with you. What we are running out of are OFFICIALLY APPROVED landfill sites.

It is an artificial restriction, like landfill tax, to make us do the things which the authorities deem virtuous - just like the subsidy on "renewable" electricity and the "renewables obligation" imposed on power companies to make them buy it.

Dr. North is of the opinion that landfill, properly done, is one of the most environmentally friendly means of rubbish disposal and landscape repair.

We have plenty of holes to fill.

Greg Tingey said...

I beg to differ on landfill - I think we'll agree to disagree on that one.

The most environmentally-friendly way of disposing of rubbish is that used at SELCHP (and similar sites)

I really suggest you look up the CHP disposal of waste, and how it results in wins all round.