Thursday, 29 September 2011

Individual Electoral Registration

Michael Pinto-Duschinsky, amongst the foremost of expert witnesses on UK Electoral practices, has estimated in evidence to Parliament that the UK's electoral Register of some 45m voters is 'wrong' by some 6m; 3m who are on the register who shouldn't be, and 3m not registered who should be. Anecdotal evidence of widespread electoral registration fraud, particularly amongst ethnic minorities, is borne out by the high numbers of immigrants appearing in court for electoral offences. The current registration system was designed for a gentler, more honest era and for a people who didn't need their fingers dipping in purple ink to prevent them multiple voting.

The reform of voter registration is strongly supported by the Electoral Commission (since 2003), The Association of Electoral Administrators, The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, The Committee for Standards in Public Life and of course the Conservative Party. The reform is strongly opposed by, er, The Labour Party.  

Hattie Harman screeches today that the changes will deprive Labour of their core fraudulent vote in the cities of their core phantom voters of their terminally stupid supporters of their client minorities of crucial voter support. Comments in the Standard as follows;
She needs to be worried: in one ward in Waltham Forest at the last election the turnout was 105% - to Labour's advantage, surprisingly - and the local election vote was higher than for the general election. Nothing at all suspicious there.
this is beyond pathetic. Why is it "harder" to register voluntarily than if it is compulsory?Doe sit make it more difficult for Labour councils to forge votes?
I dont know why Labour are so worried. Most of their election candidates fill in the forms for their votors anyway. As was clearly shown in several east-end London wards at the last election.
As opposed to 13 years of constituency boundary changes to maximise Labour votes.... Hmm somehow I'm not bothered.....
I wonder, do these "missing millions" have something sinister to conceal. Then again, airhead Harman's Labour had thirteen years to enforce the law regarding registration on the Electoral Register - but did diddly.
So in summary Labour are worried that millions of their "core" supporters care so little for their party and policies that they can't be bothered spending 5 minutes filling in a voter registration form.


strawbrick said...

Surely there really is no need for the vast majority of the plebiscite to "Register" to be able to vote.
If you pay tax or receive any form of benefit the State will have your name and address on file so they can actually send you your registratiion details. This would also sort out the "deceased", the "multiple" and "bogus" voters so the. (If you are one of the very few who are not "on the system" them you would have to apply to be registered.)

Greg Tingey said...

The current registration system was designed for a gentler, more honest era and for a people who didn't need their fingers dipping in purple ink to prevent them multiple voting.
Like anywhere in Ireland, 1923-90??
"Vote early, vote often"

WHICH WARD in Waltham Forest - I live there!!
Is there a working link to thisarticle, please - I just tried Google - no banana

Raedwald said...

Greg - it was a comment. Clicky on the 'screeches' and scroll down

kenomeat said...

Electoral fraud is just another example of how our once great nation is being turned into a third-world country.

Gary said...

If it makes you feel any better...

In the US, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse vote many, many times, always for Democrats though. They seem to have the cartoon character vote wrapped up.

A old story about Lyndon Johnson... Early in his career, he and his cronies were in the cemetery getting names of "voters" to push the Democrats over the top. It was dark and Lyndon was having trouble reading an old tombstone. The others yelled, "Come on, Lyndon, we have enough names!" Lyndon replied, "Just wait a minute, this man has as much right to vote as anyone else!"

Actually, one of my uncles (from the Democrat side of the family) used to do that exact thing every election in my small home town. He was a deputy sheriff and it was part of his election day duties to collect names of the departed to make sure they got to vote.

Those progressives sure believe in democracy, don't they? Over here the governor of North Carolina (A Dem, of course) decided we should cancel the 2012 election, just so our beloved leaders aren't distracted from saving us all. Nothing to do with the polls showing that the Dems getting defeated. (sarcasm off)

Mr Ecks said...

If they try to make it "compulsory" to register the answer is no. With a choice of Lib/Lab/Con they can shove the whole mess back up their rectum.