Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The insanity of Labour's central Statism

There is probably no service that needs to be more local than firefighting. Getting a fire tender to a fire in the shortest possible time has always meant that tenders are stationed in ones and twos or twos and threes in little packets strategically positioned to provide the swiftest response to the greatest number. It's not something that any sane person would think could be bettered. The overwhelming majority of - almost all - fire calls are for minor incidents that can be dealt with by a single tender. A very small number of larger or more serious fires and other incidents, 7/7 or Buncefield for instance, require tenders and appliances from much longer distances to attend. 

All of this is currently adequately handled by some 46 fire control rooms. The lunacy that possessed Labour to imagine that 9 regional control centres were needed instead to co-ordinate the statistically insignificant number of major incidents is beyond comprehension. That Labour could manage to spend nearly £500m on the scheme, that it could even get beyond a gateway review at the £100k stage, is testament to the insane scramble to centralise every single aspect of the State under Labour without rationale, reason or rhyme. If an average taxpayer pays £10k a year in tax, the waste represents a year's payments from 50,000 taxpayers - the working cohort of an entire English county. 

Yet not a single Labour ex-minister, not a single Labour MP, not a single Teflon Mandarin, is to stand in the dock to face charges of malfeasance and maladministration or misconduct in public office. Whilst these looters and despoilers get away scot-free, the common people are being jailed for not paying the TV Tax, or as Richard North is bravely documenting, under siege or having their homes violated by a class of licensed thugs and thieves. If Parliament had any balls at all, it would pass a Bill of Attainder against every ex-Minister and Teflon Mandarin with fingerprints on this Fire debacle and seize their homes, yachts, savings, pensions, cars and holiday cottages as a salutary lesson in the duty of stewardship of public funds. 


Edward Spalton said...

CIB (Campaign for an Independent Britain) recognised this for what it was - an attempt to give legitimacy and function to the English Regions -which are part of the EU-mandated structure for weakening the UK.

We had information from members of the Fire Brigades Union and were ready to mount a well-informed combined attack on the project. All of a sudden, the FBU people clammed up.

We didn't know why at the time. Later we found that the TUC (South West) had published a booklet with a list of allegedly "right wing" extremist organisations, describing CIB as "a shadowy organisation which sometimes quotes Hitler". Our chairman at the time was the Labour peer Lord Stoddart of Swindon! (now an honorary life member)

This type of disinformation from the europhile side is not uncommon but we did not know about it until years later.

Greg Tingey said...

There is a telling comment on this subject in today's torygraph:
...MPs criticised the fact that despite the extensive failings no one has been held to account and the careers of most “have carried on as if nothing had gone wrong”.
Peter Housden was permanent secretary and principal accounting officer for the Department for Communities and Local Government, which ran the project, for most of the scheme’s life.

Last year he was made a knight and promoted to become permanent secretary of the Scottish Government.

Nte also, that the consultants and "specialists and IT incompetents also shuffled off with loadsamoney, and are STILL WORKING ("working, what's that?) for the current guvmint.

Therefore, the question arises:
Are the tories ACTUALLY any better, really, is the next question.
I hae me doots....

Raedwald said...

Greg, don't disagree. It's us vs. the entire political class. Again.

Anonymous said...

I was left somewhat aghast at this post from R. Not because it was incorrect in any way. No, but because I cannot summon up the mental capacity to remember all the wrong doings and malfeasanse of the last (and maybe this) government. The Fire Brigades debacle is just one minor tiny piece of the whole corrupt jigsaw.

Where the hell would we start in compiling the list? (Taxpayers Alliance maybe?)

How the hell would we begin something like a "class action of citizens against the state" to get all these ministers into court to answer for their crimes against the British public?

I sort of hope that the EU does collapse because that could precipitate such an action in which we could become involved. A kind of "Arab Spring" but this time for European and British citizens...

Coney Island

Blue Eyes said...

The reason that most MPs will moan and then do nothing is that the know perfectly well that they could easily have been just as incompetent and borderline evil. There are very few MPs with actual savvy. That is the main problem.

Anonymous said...

The hand of the EU is somewhere in this mess.
Anyway, as they say in the British establishment and spheres of influence, "it's not our money!"

And in order to receive your knighthood, ***k up big and it's there for the taking!

Nothing but nothing ever got better by getting bigger - economies of scale have a finite ceiling.
Big, bigger,vast= more centralisation and it all = greater mismanagement, and greater incompetence.
Something at which we excel at in Britain, Socialists do it the best.

View from the Solent said...

Not just Liebour and firefighting. The overwhelming majority of lifeboat shouts are local, but see coastguards

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read "The Small Back Room" by Nigel Balchin?

This describes the folly and incompetence of management and politicians in the 1940s.

Human nature hasn't changed.

cosmic said...

I don't believe it's particularly Labour's Central Statism. The present crew would have been every bit as capable of something like this.

Something that doesn't come out very clearly in the reports of this fiasco is Edward Spalton's point that this was part of the EU regionalisation plan for England and so we have a project undertaken at vast expense not for reasons of operational efficiency but entirely to go along with the EU plan, probably anticipating the order.

Now the project has been scrapped because it was unworkable, but we are still saddled with continuing costs of millions. All this to further a regionalisation scheme which failed the democratic hurdle and has had to be continued by stealth.

This typifies the EU and the way the Westminster government has become its willing agent but won't admit it.

No need apart from furthering an EU plan.

No democratic legitimacy so it has to be done by stealth.

Expensive, useless and with civil servants and favoured contractors making out like bandits. Nobody brought to book.

Anonymous said...

Prescott on R4 this morning - "it wasn't my fault, it was all those nasty contractors and...."

A big boy did it and ran away.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

@Coney Island,

Prescott...........jeez - he must weep, forsooth, I surely do!

Anonymous said...

Listening to Prescott this morning exonerating himself was truly classic ,one would have thought whilst all this was going on he was living in another country ,wether its this IT system or the the even worse NHS cock up ,we all pay, they point the finger elswhere.

James Higham said...

under siege or having their homes violated by a class of licensed thugs and thieves

This is the critical point and the reason that major moves need to be made to stop this going on.

Greg Tingey said...

One minor point
I don't pay the TV "tax" - because it isn't a tax - because ... I don't have a TV.
Doesn't half annoy them, though!