Monday, 19 September 2011

MPs' EU Referendum a specious distraction

The call by the '22 Committee for a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU is nothing but a specious distraction. The proposed question is not 'in' or 'out' but 'whether Britain should be part of a political union or of the trade-only relationship we thought we had signed up to'. Since opinion polls have already definitively answered this question, a referendum is pointless unless it propels the government into a course of action, which clearly it isn't going to do. 

Today the Troika will again agree to believe the myth that Greece can reduce public expenditure, and the markets will signal their scorn. By the time I get home again this evening we'll all be several tens of billions worse off. It's like making a coastal passage in a leaky boat in which the pumps can't keep up; instead of turning inland and beaching, Europe stays on course, getting ever lower in the water, ever slower over ground, until the engine room is inevitably swamped, the pumps short-circuited and the entire boat sinks beneath the waves. There's no-one in the wheelhouse willing to put the helm over. It's really not the time to ask the passengers to vote on the choice of the destination port.   


Greg Tingey said...

Interview on the "Today" programme this morning, sometime between 07.05 & 07.25, where financial expert actually said on BEEB that it was all over, actually.
Greece is going to default, &/or be kicked out of Euro, &/or Germany will piss off, and leave the rest to sink (!)
So its only a matter of time.

Nonetheless I like the 1922 comm. idea:_ we get a referendum (we know what the result will be) the EU then has 2 yesrs to sort itself out viv-a-vis us. IOf they don't shape up, we automatically have a second IN/OUT of EU referendum.
It's called "giving fair warning".

See also the article in todays Torygraph, to which you refer.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy Raewald, sinking we is!
And, all our dopey politicians can do is argue over trivia, Lib dims - remind me - what are they for?

Indeed, what is Westminster, other than, a rubber stamping tinpot town council, which has no power.
When you have F*** All to do, you mince around, talk about rubbish - become an expert in pettifoggery: The British Government/political 'elite' - to a tee.

Bill said...

False flag operation imho.

Blue Eyes said...

Two years?! It will all be over by Christmas.

I hope that British diplomats and ministers are scrabbling around behind the scenes ready to sign free-trade agreements with all the major nations as soon as the EU goes dead.

James Higham said...

And as it is so specious, that casts the whole raison d'etre of that crew into a questionable light.

Dave_G said...

...and see the crew abandoning ship with the contents of the ships safe.

Bill Quango MP said...

"Ahoy there! Need a tow? Or maybe we can help bail you out?"

Thank heavens. Its Premier Wen Jiabao and his Chinese flotilla. He's offering us a lifeline!
Everything will be fine now...

Anonymous said...

'whether Britain should be part of a political union or of the trade-only relationship we thought we had signed up to'

Even if the decision was for a trade only relationship, politicians know that they will be left to define what is "trade only".

There is a greater issue facing the nation at the moment. It is one of trust and competence. The trust that we the people have put in the hands of our ruling elite, which was betrayed, and the singular lack of competence that this elite has shown on several important national issue.

A referendum on the issue governance is thus far more important. This would be more in keeping - what we think of the present form of "democratic" government where a political cartel, the LibLabCon cartel, suppresses any real opposition.

Greg Tingey said...

I'm for being entirely OUT of the EU, but IN "Schengen" ... the restrictions on getting onto a TRAIN to Paris/Brussel (and from 2012 Amsterdam/K├Âln/Farnkfurt are plain ridiculous